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Carbon Footprint API: Why Reducing Your Carbon Footprint Can Make A Big Impact

Environmental issues have been on the spot for a while. And we are aware that we need to take action. That’s crystal clear. The question is: where can we start? Well, reducing your carbon footprint can make a bigger difference than you imagine.

The UN explains: “Human activity is resulting in the increased emission of so-called greenhouse gases (GHGs) which, unlike other atmospheric gases such as oxygen and nitrogen, become trapped in the atmosphere, unable to escape the planet. This energy returns to the surface, where it is reabsorbed. Because more energy enters than exits the planet, surface temperatures increase until a new balance is achieved”.

Therefore, every activity carried out by individuals and organisations negatively impacts the environment. One of the ways we evaluate the consequences of human-caused disastrous effects on our planet is through the carbon footprint. It is concerned with the number of greenhouse gases, notably carbon dioxide, emitted by anything (such as a person’s actions or the manufacturing and transportation of a product) during a specified time period.

Carbon Footprint API: Why Reducing Your Carbon Footprint Can Make A Big Impact

As a result, reducing your carbon footprint can make a big impact:

Mitigates the Effects of Global Climate Change: the more we cut GHG emissions, the slower the rate of temperature rise, sea-level rise, ice melting, and ocean acidification. Thus, the earth’s biodiversity does not have to strain to adjust to temperature and pH changes, people will not relocate due to coastal flooding, and icebergs will continue to regulate the climate.

Benefits Public Health: Air pollution is a severe problem. It exacerbates allergies and respiratory disorders, raises the risk of lung cancer, contributes to cardiovascular disease and stroke, heat effects, foodborne diseases and nutrition, and raises the risk of waterborne disease. Hence, reduced carbon emissions decrease the incidence and intensity of extreme weather events, enhance air and water quality and promote a healthy food supply.

Preserve Plant and Animal Diversity: Climate change is one of the most serious risks to the planet’s plant and animal species’ long-term existence. Increased competition and forced displacement upset the natural balance between plant and animal species, preventing a healthy ecosystem.

Finding out how big your carbon footprint is and then deciding how much you want to minimise it is the best way to get started. How can you keep track of your carbon footprint, though? An online carbon footprint calculator makes calculating your CO2 emissions simple. For that reason, we bring a carbon footprint API that will help everyone out with the task.


CarbonAPI is the all-in-one solution for calculating your carbon footprint. This software calculates the environmental effect of each industry. That’s why it provides a path to zero emissions. In other words, this tool assists you in meeting sustainability goals while also encouraging social responsibility.

Carbon Footprint API: Why Reducing Your Carbon Footprint Can Make A Big Impact

CarbonAPI calculates emissions in production units per hour, material consumption units per hour, or whichever units the emission factor is represented. You may upload usage from up to a year ago to find out how much CO2 you emit in kilogrammes. In addition, the API generates analytical graphs of your usage for transparent reporting.

Overall, you may provide footprint data via the API or upload it directly from the website, and CarbonAPI will categorise it using calculations to deliver your carbon footprint in kilogrammes. Not to add that its cloud infrastructure simplifies and customises user interface integration.

The best part is you can try CarbonAPI for free. You can submit up to 20 requests or entries in the carbon footprint calculator per month and get online reports and API access. If that’s not enough, no worries! You can always upgrade the billed plan that better suits your needs.

Now, you can easily reduce your carbon footprint to make the planet a greener place.

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