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Carbon Footprint Calculator API: Measure, Share, Reduce

These days, it is important to talk about the ecological responsibilities of the companies. In this post, we’ll talk about three steps to collaborate with the environment: Measure, Share and Reduce. Nonetheless, for this aim, it will be very useful to use a carbon footprint calculator API like CarbonAPI. Let’s begin:

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1. Measure:

Why is it important to measure the carbon footprint? Because it’s generated by individuals and businesses, but principally by the last ones. The dioxide emissions exist thanks to the use of energy (in many parts of the production chain): to plug machines in the manufacturing, the energy used in the offices where computers utilize databases that generate a big part of the ecological footprint in the world. 

On the other hand, another way to generate carbon emissions is transportation. The pollution comes from the dioxide released by the vehicle. The size of the carbon footprint depends on the first place, the kilometers done, and on the other side, the size of the vehicle. 

For example, aviation creates most of the greenhouse gasses of transportation. Then, trains, bicycles, cars, or supply chain companies emit less dioxide. Nevertheless, they do emit, so it’s important to make policies to reduce the ecological footprint and utilize less polluting transport. 

Having all of these factors in mind is important because you can use a carbon calculator API to track how it’s reducing as you take initiatives to reduce your environmental impact. It’s very easy, and you can track how its size gets smaller. CarbonAPI is very easy-to-use for this objective, and to track the footprint across the time. 

2. Share

This collaboration is on your part to preserve biodiversity and the environment. Tell the world what you are doing to help it! In your corporation report, on your web page or application, you can incorporate the API to show the planet how you are reducing your ecological effect. 

CarbonAPI gives you responses in JSON, PHP, and Python, so if you’re designing your ways of communication for your company, or you want to redesign it, you can easily incorporate the API. Your audience, partner, and governments can watch with you your efforts to combat global warming. 

In addition, it will show you as a transparent corporation, that wants to share with the planet your initiatives. Moreover, it will make your enterprise more sustainable, because renewable energies will cost you less, and you can promote your company as an ecological one. 

3. Reduce

There are a lot of policies you can adopt to reduce your carbon footprint. For example, you can use alternative energies such as solar energy and eolic, or nuclear energy. It will cut a lot of CO2 emissions. You can change the transportation of your company for one less carbon, and the business travel makes economic seats that are more ecological. 

How To Calculate My Carbon Footprint?

  1. Enter into and register.
  2. Enter the Endpoint documents and complete the blanks with your information. Select the category you want to calculate. 
  3. Have in mind, for example, in the case of transportation, the kilometers traveled, and so on. 
  4. Click run and the API is working. 

More About Carbon API

CarbonAPI helps businesses and individuals calculate and reduce their ecological footprint. It’s free and able to keep track of your cuts. Because of its strong roots in green advocacy and renewable energy, Its Platforms assist developers in providing customers with exact carbon emissions predictions.

CarbonAPI empowers you to take positive, actionable efforts to alleviate the climate catastrophe. It is a quick and inexpensive solution to meet your environmental reporting responsibilities. It is adaptable and may be scaled to match your requirements. It may greatly simplify tracking and reporting progress on energy, greenhouse gas emissions, and other sustainability targets.

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