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Check If A Caller’s Number Is Spam Or Not With An API

As a human being living in the present, you surely share a common enemy with almost everyone: spam calls.

Do not let us lie when we say that there is almost nothing more annoying than receiving unwanted calls to our cell phone, it is tedious, it interrupts what you are doing and if you are a centennial you fear calls even if they are not spam.

For these reasons, today we bring you our Check Spam Callers API.

Do you want to know how this new tool works? So stay right here and still reading.

Why should I use the Check Spam Callers API?

Over the past year, robocalls and spam calls have become more prevalent. There were 165.1 million robocalls made in the US alone in 2020, or 14.1 calls per person on average, including youngsters and those without phones.

With its technologies, Check Spam Callers API can let us quickly build a robocall protection service.

How does Check Spam Callers API work?

To ascertain whether the caller is a human, this program combines a speech CAPTCHA with a call forwarding service. If they are, the call is forwarded to you or the number you set as the destination.

An automated system called a CAPTCHA is used to identify if a service user is a person or a computer. You have undoubtedly interacted with visual ones on websites, such as “select all of the photographs with a boat in it.” In this application, we request the sum of two random numbers from the caller.

What are the Check Spam Callers API‘s most typical use cases?

Storage objectives

Sort and compile all the images associated with a specific brand. Get your photographs brand-filtered and properly saved.

Copyright objectives

You will be able to identify any brand logo in the images you use for your products, websites, or applications by using this API. By spotting the brand, you can prevent copyright violations in the future.

Marketing objectives

You will be able to brand-filter the photos and programmatically develop ads for users, ensuring that only the brands relevant to those customers are used.

What about the pricing?

Well, our Check Spam Callers API has four very varied plans to suit any of your (or your company) needs.

The first is the non-cost plan and offers 100 Requests per Month.

The following plan is the Basic that has 1,000 Requests per Month

Next comes the Pro plan with 10,000 Requests per Month

And finally the Pro Plus that has 100,000 Requests per Month

But as if these four incredible plans were not enough, we also have a new custom plan so that you can adapt it to the needs that vary during the course of your business.

We know that needs are changing and are always added or subtracted, that’s why we work hard to be able to offer this new option to those who need it most.

We hope we have convinced you to try our  Check Spam Callers API.

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