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Check If A Domain Is Children-friendly With A Straightforward API

Are you wondering how to know if a site is safe? If that is your case,, check if a domain is children-friendly with a straightforward API! Here, we will tell you everything about it and much more!

Nowadays, virtually anyone can access the Internet. This might be advantageous, but it can also frequently put kids in danger because they are continuously at risk of obtaining inappropriate content. Because they are so effective at keeping kids from accessing websites that don’t have content suitable for them, child safety APIs are growing in popularity.

But that is not the only reason why these APIs are growing in popularity. No corporation can overlook certain brand image-related challenges, particularly when it comes to internet platforms or digital sites. We must be aware of how search engines and browser technologies have developed to safeguard consumers if we consider that we always encounter new threats while browsing the Internet.

Because of this, search engines now favor websites with a high level of trust and child protection. This will increase the likelihood that sites that are labeled as safe will be able to take use of the various advantages Google provides. As a result, domain safety APIs are also crucial for any business that wants to position its content online.

You can utilize a Children API to upgrade and increase the traffic to your site. These technologies can definitively determine whether a website is safe or not. They also provide a list of categories your site is related to as well as a confidence rate measurement. 

For instance, by using one of these tools, you may determine whether your website is correctly categorized or whether you need to make some changes in order for it to be regarded as appropriate and secure. Additionally, these technologies can secure databases and corporate data by bouncing malicious email or blocking risky URLs, making them beneficial for enterprises. 

What Is The Best Children Safety API Available?

So, in order to help you check if a site is children-friendly, we will recommend to you the best API available in 2022: Domain Reputation And Children Safety API, available on the Zyla API Hub.

By performing a quick search, you can determine if a website is safe for children and secure. On the other hand, you could get help from this API in avoiding scams and improper websites. Therefore, this API is highly advised for improving security at all levels, but in especially for schools looking for a workable and straightforward solution to increase student safety.

The confidence level, which runs from 1 to 100, the safety status, which in a secure domain signifies “safe,” and the kid safety level, which also ranges from 1 to 100, will be retrieved. You will also be given a confidence score and a list of categories that can help you quickly determine which URLs contain adult or illegal content.

How To Use It?

The Domain Reputation and Child Safety API is exceptionally easy to use, requiring only a few clicks and providing a complete response in a short amount of time. We’ll show you how to evaluate the security of any domain in this section.

  1. From the Zyla API Hub, select the Domain Reputation and Children Safety API.
  2. Make an API Key and confirm that you are a human being.
  3. Step inside the region under investigation and analysis.
  4. Determine which domains need to be blocked by looking at the findings.

We have already told you how to know if a site is children-friendly using a straightforward API. Give it a try and take a look at the results!

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