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Check The Review Of These Top 5 Largest Hotel Chains In The World Using This API

All throughout the world, a large number of hotels of varied types and quality provide their services. While many of them constitute groups or hotel chains, others of them are independent. Who has the most rooms among hotel chains? Learn about the top 5 hotel chains by revenue as of 2022. With this great API from Zyla Labs you could check the review of those important hotels.

The best option in the market is without a doubt Sentiment Analyzer for Hotel Reviews is the greatest API for hotel review analysis, and if you want to examine millions of texts quickly and across all platforms, we highly recommend it. It can analyze more than 149 semantic models. It is unquestionably the most comprehensive tool available.

Thanks to this API , the client could know for sure if the hotel choose previously is good value for money about and lean towards his place. Perhaps a double-edged sword, but it will help improve its generality in all aspects. Now, we can check the largest hotel chains around the world:

1. Marriot International

In 2022, Marriott International will have more than 7500 hotels and over 14 000 rooms, making it the largest hotel chain in the world. The number of rooms increased by 3.1% between 2020 and 2021, from 1,358,400 to 1,400,289 rooms.

2. Jin Jiang

With more hotels than Marriott International, but with a less amount of rooms, Jin Jiang is the second-largest hotel chain in the world when looking at the room supply. In 2022 the Chinese company Jin Jiang operated more than 10,000 hotels with almost 1,100,000 rooms. The growth was 6.7% compared to last year.

3. Hilton

The third-largest hotel chain in the world is Hilton Hotels. Between 2020 and 2021, more than 600 hotels were added to its inventory. The US, where Hilton is from, is where this group’s growth is still very strong. Hilton Hotels managed 1,010,257 rooms in 2022, up 4.9% from the previous year.

4. Intercontinental Hotel Group

IHG was for many years the largest hotel chain in the world, today the group is No. 4 worldwide. The growth was only 0.3% between 2020 and 2021. InterContinental Hotel Group has almost 6000 hotels and  886,036 rooms in its portfolio.

5. Wyndham Hotel Group

Fifth-largest in the world is Wyndham Hotel Group. This US hotel chain’s room supply has decreased by 4.2%, making it the only western chain in the top 10 to have less rooms than the previous year. Wyndham Hotel Group will be the owner of 8,941 hotels with 795,909 rooms in 2022.

With a platform like the Sentiment Analyzer for Hotel Reviews, you will be able to carefully study the evaluations, both positive and negative, and use this analysis as an opportunity to improve the quality of your service, attract more customers, boost the worth of your online reputation, and create specialized messaging depending on the preferences of your visitors. This may seem challenging, but a sentiment analysis for hostel review API can help you achieve these goals quickly and effectively.

It is critical to know what the user reviews are for accommodations, whether they are positive or negative, in order to comprehend how the customer experience has been, what can be done to improve it, and whether it is possible to offer a new type of product. Using an API makes it simpler to streamline the steps you must take to create a system that will allow you to distinguish this information fast while receiving quantitative data. To discover more about the benefits of this program for your company’s operations, take into account the following information.

Sentiment analysis‘ major goal is to automatically examine and thoroughly analyze comments before categorizing them. Knowing the effects of these reviews will enable brands to make more informed decisions.

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