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Choose a Wide-Ranging API and Avoid Banned Email Marketing

Read this article and learn about this wide-ranging API to avoid banned email marketing!

Choose a Wide-Ranging API and Avoid Banned Email Marketing

Have you ever had an entirely legal email marketing campaign blocked for some reason? This scenario occurs frequently and can discourage you from trying again. It is critical, however, not to give up and to keep looking for other options.

Email marketing is growing in popularity year after year, even as social media becomes more important in our daily lives. It has been proven that sending emails to clients and informing them that you are available to assist them is the most effective marketing technique. This entails sending emails to our customers with interesting news or information, letting them know that the company is still thinking about them. As a result, they’ll feel more attached to the product, and they’ll want to be your customer for a long time.

After hearing that, it’s understandable that you’d want to make the most of this method. However, because it is morally ambiguous or does not align with their brand, some email marketing systems prohibit legal information. Some big email marketing tools like Mailchimp may not allow some of the products or services you want to advertise. Some businesses like gambling, casinos, adult content, or even dating apps encounter real challenges when trying to campaign. This has a significant impact on different companies since it makes them difficult to find.

Although there are many difficulties, email marketing tools can make it easier since you can promote your stuff and provide even better technology for your operations.


Postr is a well-known and highly recommended email marketing platform. This business uses artificial intelligence to aid clients in achieving open rates of at least 70% for their email campaigns.

Choose a Wide-Ranging API and Avoid Banned Email Marketing

This is also one of the best solutions because it includes content-ready, engaging email templates that look great in all major email clients.

You may construct processes for follow-up communications, segment clients, using Postr’s‘ features. Moreover, you can decide the ideal time to send email messages for maximum deliverability using AI-driven algorithms.

You can have one-to-one customized content based on the automatic characteristics we specify for each recipient, in addition to the conventional capabilities supplied by most platforms.

Anyone can use an A/B or multivariate test to improve their content, design, or submission speed. Although this isn’t necessary for campaigns, it can let you send automated, real-time content-based emails.

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