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Classifying Images In Mass With An URL API

How helpful would it be if we could instantly ‘see’ what is in each image of a mass collection? If your marketing team has to manage multiple photos, filtering, sorting, and properly labeling could take too much time. That’s why you should read this article! We present a simple classifying images API that could do accurate visual analysis utilizing machine learning. Using it will completely change your workflows!

Why Classifying Images So Relevant?

Image classification, also known as image labeling, has become essential in the field of computer vision. But it could be a great tool in any area, from images stocks to Government dependencies. We humans could try to distinguish and select different objects in a particular photo, although that is impossible when we have many. That is what happens in big businesses, like marketing agencies, which have multiple sessions and no time to sort them. You could also experience this situation in charge of a stock photography database. Because you have to keep them organized before uploading them to your website, right?

classifiying images

How Does This Technology Work?

When you classify images, the tool groups all the pixels in a digital picture into one of many possible options. An image categorization goal consists of identifying and representing its characteristics as a distinct gray level -or color. With this information, a computer program can analyze particular digital photo objects. Then, it will give you a list of tags that could correspond to the topic the image is representing. We call this kind of technology an Image API. 

What Is An Image Classification API?

An Image Classification API is an Application Programming Interface that will help you to recognize and analyze different types of elements in an image. Talking with simple words, it is a modern software technology that uses learned model categories to classify real-time objects. You would determine tags based on photos from your camera or device gallery with the help of a machine learning model.  

The Best Classifying Images API Available

Image Tagging Content (ITC) is, for sure, the most precise application for labeling images. This machine learning and deep analysis tool works online and will be your best assistant in identifying and classifying your mass image collection. We recommend it if your folders are full of photos of one product session but you need more structure to find them faster. 

Image tagging content

The key to this Image API is that you can sort and search your images depending on their content. So you could differentiate between people, locations, or objects in more than 100 pictures. To do it successfully, you must provide the picture URL you want to convert to the endpoint. Then, the API will return you specific data about it. For example, the word of the tag in the language you previously selected -it has more than 29!- and the confidence level. This category shows a percent of fidelity over the tags the AI has identified. Use it for free by subscribing to the following link:    

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