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Comparing The Top 3 APIs For Web Scraping (2023)

How much do you know about web scraping? Don’t worry, even if you are new to this concept, in this article, we will fill you in on the basics of web scraping and teach you how to evaluate web scraping tools to run through the top 3 best Web scraping APIs of 2023!

Web scraping is a way of collecting data from web pages with a scraping bot, so the whole process is done in an automated way. The technique allows people to get large-scale web data quickly. Meanwhile, instruments like Regex (Regular Expression) allow data cleansing during the scraping process, which means that people can get clean and well-structured data in one go.

Now you may think, how does web scraping work? First, a web scraping bot simulates the act of human browsing the website. With the destination URL entered, it sends a request to the server and gets information in the HTML file. Then, with the HTML source code in hand, the bot can reach the node where the target data is located and parse the data as commanded by the extract code.

Finally, (depending on how your scraping bot is configured), the scraped dataset will be cleaned up, put into a structure, and ready to download or transfer to your database. That is why choosing a good scraping tool is vital, since the structuring of the data will largely depend on how powerful and robust the AI and servers of each service are.

That is why we would like to recommend these 3 web scraping tools, since we are sure of their quality and complexity, and in turn, we attest that their services are on a par with their prices, try them today!

These Are The 3 Best Web Scraping APIs In 2023!

1. Codery

Codery is a tool and API capable of extracting almost all kinds of data you need on websites. You can use it to extract data from the web with its extensive functionalities and capabilities. Its interface is easy, just one click can guide you through the entire extraction process. As a result, you can easily extract website content and save it in structured formats like EXCEL, TXT, HTML, or your databases in a short period of time.

In addition, it provides a Scheduled Cloud Extraction that allows you to extract dynamic data in real time and keep track of website updates. Currently has a seven days free trial, Try It here!

2. UI Path

UI Path is a process automation tool to automatically capture a web. It can automatically capture web and desktop data from most third-party applications.

In turn, it can extract tables and data based on patterns across multiple web pages and provides built-in tools for further web scraping. This method is very effective when dealing with complex user interfaces.

Now that you know the most attractive options so that you can start using alternatives to Apify, we recommend that you try them and you will see that they have a lot to offer!

3. allows users to get online resources in a neat format from all over the world and get real-time data from them. This web crawler allows you to crawl data and extract keywords in many different languages using multiple filters that cover a wide range of sources.

In turn, you can save the scraped data in XML, JSON; and RSS formats; and users can access historical data from their files.

Now that you know the most attractive options so that you can start using them, we recommend that you try them and you will see that they have a lot to offer!

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