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Crypto Finance: All you need to know about this startup

For the fourth time, the prestigious Swiss FinTech Awards have been awarded. Among the winners u. a. the company Crypto Finance.

License of the Swiss Financial Market Authority

At the award ceremony in the Swiss financial capital of Zurich, Crypto Finance was awarded first prize in the “Growth Stage” category. Crypto Finance is the first startup to buy cryptocurrencies such as Ripple, which has been officially licensed by the Financial Market Authority in Switzerland.

Within a short period of time, Crypto Finance was able to establish itself as a broker, asset manager, supplier of crypto investment products and traders of crypto assets for financial service providers and professional investors.

The company is constantly developing its service portfolio. For banks in the crypto market Crypto Finance is established as a outsourcing service provider. Fintech also offers secure storage solutions for digital assets. The partners also include the IOTA Foundation.

Well-known investors behind Crypto Finance

The rapid and successful development of Crypto Finance may also be due to the expertise and funds that prominent supporters of the financial community bring to the startup. These include u. a. investors Raymond Baer, ex-president of Bank Julius Baer and hedge funds manager Rainer-Marc Frey.

As the best fintech startup in the category “Early Stage”, the company Apiax has won that in addition to the award, a prize money of 18,000 Swiss francs is allowed. The premium was awarded specifically for young companies in the market.

Apiax specializes in building a platform that allows lawyers and regulatory experts to turn regulations and policies into actionable, machine-readable rules. Using appropriate interfaces, the regulations can be integrated automatically into digital applications or processes. Coming soon, Apiax plans to expand its business abroad.

Politician makes Switzerland a fintech stronghold

In the third prize category the Swiss former Federal Councilor Johann Schneider-Ammann was honored as Fintech Influencer of the Year. The politician has positively influenced the fintech scene in recent years. During his time as Minister of Economic Affairs, Schneider-Ammann paid special attention to digitization, thereby laying the foundation for the business of many Swiss fintechs.

Among the merits of Schneider-Ammann in the fintech segment is an initiative from which the Swiss Entrepreneurs Foundation has emerged. Under their roof, the major Swiss financial institutions UBS and Credit Suisse invested a total of 500 million francs in Swiss start-ups.

Schneider-Ammann also paved the way for Switzerland’s leading global development in the fintech sector, with relaxed regulations for fintech start-ups and a so-called “light” banking license. A blockchain working group was also introduced under his leadership in the Federal Council.

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