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Crypto Loans: Quick and easy to multiply (and protect) your portfolio

The moment that the crypto-community has been waiting for has come (apparently). Out of nowhere Bitcoin has broken resistance levels and the crypto market is showing bullish signals. In times like these, your portfolio will multiply by itself, but if you really want to get the most out of this bull market, you should look at how crypto loans can help them. Alternatively, we’ll show you some tips to hedge your portfolio if this “ascent” leads to a “fast case”.

Both in a bull market and in a bear market, time is an important factor. It may take too long to deposit fiat money from a bank to a crypto exchange. To be able to use the market movements properly, you need cash and you need it fast. YouHodler’s FinTech platform provides a lightning-fast solution for crypto-credit users. After registration and a short identification process, users can provide their cryptos (BTC, BCH, BSV, ETH, LTC, XRP and XLM) as collateral and get a loan in minutes.

So you multiply your cryptos in a bull market

Take an example. You have 100 LTC and would like to use this as a security for a cash advance. In exchange, you will receive approximately $ 5,000 without having to sell your LTC assets. If the market is bullish as it is now, you can use this loan to buy more LTCs and multiply your holdings effectively. As the market continues to grow, profits outweigh the interest rates of YouHodler, which means that this is a quick and effective way to multiply your assets without selling them.

Youhodler makes withdrawals and conversion fast and easy

Once users receive their fiat loan (EUR or USD) from YouHodler, they have the option of having their money paid directly to their credit or debit card or their Tether (USDT) loan for an immediate benefit. Bank transfers are an additional option for loan disbursement. For those who want to quickly buy more cryptos and benefit from a rising market, YouHodler has the tools to do it.

Also included on the platform are crypto-to-fiat and crypto-to-crypto conversion tools. This allows users maximum flexibility to convert their money into one of YouHodler’s available crypto or fiat options. As the platform continues to grow, more options will be added.

How do you protect your assets during a market decline?

If this recent market upturn is just another up-and-down program, crypto-credit platforms can also help you hedge your assets. Just take a loan on YouHodler and invest the money in other cryptocurrencies for a diversified portfolio. The market is alive and does not die anymore with Bitcoin. So if you have a well-diversified portfolio, you have a better chance of minimizing the risk.

Another popular option today is investing in stable assets or “stable coins” such as USDT. Since USDT is supposedly backed by the US dollar, it does not show the same dramatic behavior as Bitcoin.

YouHodler has various loan conditions to choose from. Whether you want a quick loan for everyday trading or a long-term HODL solution, there is something for everyone. Custom loan terms are also available.

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