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Detect And Translate With This API

We have to recognize that automatic translators are in fashion. Between the novelties that Google Translate has been introducing to improve its results and Skype’s simultaneous translator; it seems that machines are going to dominate the world of translation. However, the growth of automatic translators has caused some translation jobs to be carried out based on the results of these programs and applications, causing the final work to not have the expected quality with all of them. Therefore, today we will tell you about Text Translation and Language, keep reading Detect And Translate With This API.

How does an automatic translator work?

In order to understand the errors they make, you have to understand how automatic translators work. We can affirm that there are two types of automatic translation:

Rule-based machine translation: It is based on a huge number of linguistic rules and millions of bilingual dictionaries for each language. The software parses the text, then, creates a representation. From it, the program generates the text in the translated language. These translations are built from huge dictionaries and sophisticated linguistic rules.

Statistical-based machine translation: it is a machine translation paradigm where translations are generated based on statistical models and information theory whose parameters are obtained from the analysis of a huge corpus of bilingual texts.
As you can see, although they are very elaborate processes, they are automated and far (still) from the quality and perfection that human translation provides.

Google Translate supposedly knows more than 80 languages. It works based on statistics and collecting information from translated texts in its database and from there the task is to fit the pieces of the puzzle together. But as usual, the statistic will be useful for many things, but for languages, ​​it has a grade of 0.

Is the Google translator a good help?

We cannot deny that applications with automatic translation can be quite useful for a given moment. For example, if you go on a trip abroad, it doesn’t hurt to have an application on your mobile that allows you to order a sandwich or find a hotel to sleep in without perishing in the attempt. If you have had a problem with a product that you have ordered online, the translator can help you make yourself understood by the seller, as long as the issue is very complex. However, this does not mean that, for professional translations, you need a professional translator. Think that it is still an investment that will make your client’s first impression unbeatable.

Text Translation and Language Detector API

This API is intended to help you to detect the language of any text you pass to it. Also, you will be able to dynamically translate the texts of your choice.  Text Translation and Language Detector API is ideal for those companies or users that receive traffic from around the globe. It will help you to display your content in the language of your preference so you offer different alternatives for different users. Also, if you want to reach new audiences with your content, translating those texts will help you to reach that goal. 

What this API receives and what your API provides (input/output)?

Just pass the text that you want to translate or detect the language from. You will be receiving either the language or the new text translated. 

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