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Did You Know That You Can Encrypt Text Only Using An API? Check It Out!

Do you want to know how you can encrypt text only using a Text Encryption API? It is a very complex task that you can do in seconds after you see what we have to tell you in this post!

Encrypting text is a very common practice. The downside of this method is that you have to remember your password, and it can be easily guessed or brute-forced.

In another party’s server, your information is holding; where it is accessible to them if they so choose. If you value your privacy or need to save sensitive data like credit card numbers or medical histories, this is an issue.

If you keep your passwords in the cloud, anyone with access to them can sign into all of your accounts without having to circumvent any security precautions.

There are many ways to encrypt text. One method is to use an API that helps encrypt text and secure all personal data. The encryption services that cloud storage providers offer are typically only available for a small number of files or folders. You can benefit from an API.

What Is An API?

An Application Programming Interface (API) is a set of routines, protocols, and tools for building software applications. It defines how software components should interact with each other in order to allow users to access functionality from different sources in an easy way. You will wonder, how does It work?

You only need to transmit the plaintext, your public key, and the encryption technique you want to use when using an API to encrypt text (e.g., AES). The encryption data will subsequently be delivering by the server into your application for additional processing.

What Is Encryption?

The process of encoding communications or information so that only authorized parties can access it is referred to as encryption. The encryption process changes the original data (plaintext) into an unintelligible format using a key (ciphertext).

The data is encrypted and decrypted only by authorized parties. For encryption, a cryptographic key, or set of numbers that both the sender and the recipient of an encrypted message agree upon, is required.

With the help of this API, you may encrypt any string with a super-secure algorithm. The encryption key, which is produced specifically for you when the request is made and is 64 random bytes long (it’s not a hex string! ), is generated.

Use the same key to decrypt the encrypted string from the first parameter. A hexadecimal representation of the encrypted string will be returned.

In 2023, you can encrypt any string with the help of this API! Just send the secret key and plaintext string as a POST request argument. We present the top data security solution available right now with nothing else to say about it!

Protect Your Data By Encrypting It!

Using the Encryption and Decryption API transfer all the text in an encryption text so you have secure all the data. Supported hashes include MD5, SHA1, SHA256, SHA384, and SHA512. You’ll be able to decipher them as well. Internet security can provide a safe way of sending data across the internet or communicating crucial information within your company by using an encryption method.

You can encrypt the string that the Encryption and Decryption API sends you however you choose. Later on, you’ll get a Hash that you can save. You can compare your hashed strings and approve logins or transactions by doing so. It’s quite simple and secure.

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