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Discover How Much Cost Cobalt in Qatari Riyal

Would you like to be able to receive cobalt prices in the official currency of Qatar? If your answer is positive, we definitely recommend reading this article.

Cobalt is a metallic chemical element, (Co is its symbol), with an atomic number of 27 and an atomic weight of 58.93. It is widely distributed in nature, forming approximately 0.001% of all igneous rocks in the earth’s crust, compared to 0.02% for nickel. It is found in meteorites, stars, in the sea, in fresh water, soil, plants, animals, and in manganese nodules found at the bottom of the ocean.

One of the main uses of cobalt focuses on alloys with other metals that have different industrial purposes. For example, certain alloys are used in the manufacture of jet engines and gas turbines. An interesting alloy is called Alnico, which is basically a mixture of aluminum, nickel and cobalt, the same one that is characterized by being strongly magnetic. These cobalt-alloyed magnets are used inside hearing aids, compasses, and microphones.

As we mentioned earlier, cobalt has many uses. Qatar is preparing for the FIFA World Cup and for that, it is clear that the country is importing cobalt for industrial purposes. As there are only 7 months left, businessmen and the Qatari state are surely finalizing details. However, in order to buy, they will first need to know the prices.

Discover How Much Cost Cobalt in Qatari Riyal

For this, we will use Metals-API, a service designed for this type of purpose.

Metals-API is the most complete service for those investors, traders and anyone else interested in buying, selling or trading metals. It allows you to quickly and efficiently discover the current world market prices for metals, including Cobalt. Additionally, this API receives data every minute from 16 trusted data sources such as the LME, banks, and financial data providers. As a result, your price will be quite accurate.

But without a doubt, its most important feature is the one that allows you to see the prices in more than 170 currencies from around the world. Obviously, a Qatari want to see prices in his currency and not in US dollars or euros.

To use this service, you just have to register, select the metal symbol (cobalt) and select the currency of your choice (Qatari Riyal). After that, do the “API Call” and you’re done! Just remember, the API can be used for a variety of programming activities and can be accessed in JSON and PHP.

Discover How Much Cost Cobalt in Qatari Riyal

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