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Discover How Much Cost Copper in Chinese Yuan Employing An API

Are you looking for a service that gives you the price of copper in Chinese Yuan? If your answer is yes, we have an excellent option to offer you.

Copper is a metallic element found in group 11 of the periodic table, being positioned between nickel and zinc. Its atomic number is 29, its atomic mass is equal to 63,546 units and it is identified with the chemical symbol Cu, from the Latin Cuprum. It is a relatively abundant metal in the earth’s crust, which was one of the first metals discovered by humans (in the middle of 9000 BC).

Copper is found in countries such as Chile, the United States, China, Peru and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. It is known for being an element that allows free electrical conductivity and its malleability; and for this reason, it is the third most consumed metal in the world for this reason. Among its main uses is the manufacture of electrical cables, car radiators, internal wiring in electronic devices and equipment, such as motors, generators, transformers, etc.

Thanks to rapid growth in recent years, China now disputes with the United States the first place among the largest economies on the planet. For this reason and for having a population 4 times larger, China is the main consumer of refined copper in the world (48% of the world’s consumption). By requiring so much copper, both the Chinese State and its private industries are constantly aware of the price of this metal.

Discover How Much Cost Copper in Chinese Yuan Employing An API

For those people who find themselves in that situation, we recommend using Metals-API!

Why Metals-API?

Thousands of Chinese developers, small and large Chinese enterprises utilize the Metals-API. Using this service, you can find current copper market prices from all over the world. Due to its precise data, Metals-API is the most trustworthy source for real-time precious metals quotations. To give you an idea, it collects data from 16 credible sources every minute, including banks (European Central Bank) and financial organizations, mining companies (Barrick Gold), and even the prestigious London Metal Exchange (LME).

Does it have any cost?

This API offers a free version, but this option is only recommending those who do not require frequent pricing updates. If your company is larger, however, you may be compelled to pay for one of the six current plans, each of which is geared to distinct needs.

Can I see the prices in Chinese yuan?

Of course you can! You can even see prices in 170 other currencies from around the world.

Discover How Much Cost Copper in Chinese Yuan Employing An API

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