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Discover How Much Cost Iridium in Canadian Dollar

Are you Canadian and have an industry that needs iridium? If your answer is positive, you should read this post.

Iridium is a transition metal of the Platinum group. Its atomic number is 77, it has an atomic mass of 192.21 and is symbolically represented as “Ir”. It is one of the rarest and least abundant elements in the entire earth’s crust. Its characteristics are as follows: it is the metal with the highest resistance to corrosion, in its pure state it has a white-silver color with yellowish tones and it is the second densest metal of all.

Iridium has endless uses such as, for example, manufacturing electrical contacts for spark plugs, carrying out brachytherapy procedures (cancer treatment), as a catalyst for the production of nitric acid, jewelry and, thanks to its high hardness, it is used in alloys together with platinum to provide hardness and corrosion resistance.

Being an increasingly used metal, added to its scarcity in the world, caused its price to increase progressively. Today, an ounce of iridium costs more than twice as much as gold. This has those Canadians with industries that require iridium concerned. Fortunately for this, here we will leave you a tool that will serve as an alarm for this kind of situations.

Discover How Much Cost Iridium in Canadian Dollar

Its name is Metals-API and it is the most famous API in its respective market.

What is Metals-API?

Metals-API is a service that provides data on metals such as gold, silver, bronze, iridium, among others. Their service is so fast and accurate, that prices are obtained with an accuracy of 2 decimal places and a frequency of only 1 minute. The sources of information are obtained from 16 major companies such as banks, mining companies and financial institutions such as the London Metal Exchange.

Another good news for Canadians is that you will be able to see the prices in your local currency. In fact, Metals-API works with more than 170 currencies from all over the world and performs the conversions automatically.

As it mentions on its website: “Let the numbers talk”. To date, it has more than 200,000 satisfied customers, 25 million requests per day and 19 years of historical data. These impressive numbers are explained by the previously mentioned characteristics. In case of any problem, send a message through the contact form and the customer service team will be with you shortly. Urgent requests are usually handled within minutes.

Discover How Much Cost Iridium in Canadian Dollar
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