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Discover Site Ranking By Using This API In 2023

The ranking of a web page is possibly the main indicator to know if our SEO strategy is giving good results. Since most users never click on the links that appear on the second or third page of search engines. Therefore, keep reading Discover Site Ranking By Using This API In 2023, we will tell you about Site Traffic API, a tool that will provide you with this information and much more.

As you can imagine, being well-positioned provides numerous advantages for your online project. You will have greater visibility, you will increase the number of visits and also the conversion rate. If you want to find out what the ranking of your website is, in today’s post we are going to show you the best methods.

Keyword search

The easiest way to know our web positioning is by doing a search for the keywords we have used. However, your personal profile will adapt the results to your location, cookies, or visit history. So it is essential that you use the incognito mode to obtain more objective data.

At some point, anyone who works with a website is bound to ask themselves: what keywords am I ranking for?

When you work on a client’s website, one of the first things you do as an agency is find out where their current position is in the search engine rankings so that you can identify their strengths and weaknesses and thus establish a roadmap for the optimization.

If you are working on your own site or one of the companies you work for as an SEO, you definitely need to know the rankings of the keywords to understand what people are looking for to get to that page.

With the right tools and knowledge, you don’t have to be guessing. One of the tools that will help you in this work is Site Traffic API.

Data Science

Data Science in the science that studies the extraction of knowledge from data. It is a procedure by which very significant information is obtained from the extracted data. This type of data science is appearing because of the need to work with excessive data sets (known as Big Data), which are made up of structured data as well as semi-structured or unstructured data.

All this set of data is provided by the information generated by electronic devices, social networks and the web. It may seem overwhelming, but the truth is that even if you start to take advantage of at least one of the categories of information that this can provide you, you will be making a difference. Starting with keywords is an excellent idea.

Discover Site Ranking By Using Site Traffic API

So, with Site Traffic API you will be able to consult from where the site receives its traffic. It means you can check where the visitors are (per country); how many monthly visits they receive, and traffic sources (direct, social media, emails, etc).  This API will allow you to order your database by the conditions you decide. Do you want to know which URLs receive the most traffic? Or do you want to know the pages that have the highest bounce rate? What are the URLs that make your users stay longer?

Thus, you can use this API to measure the performance of your own page. You can see the behavior of users and make decisions based on the metrics received. Retrieve Search Engines Rankings and Pages’ net worth as well. 

What your API receives and what your API provides (input/output)?

Only pass the URL or domain you want to consult. And you will get traffic per country, monthly visits; engagement metrics such as average visit duration, bounce rate, pages per visit, and traffic sources. They are receiving their users from web searches? Do they receive the most traffic through paid advertising? This API will let you know that. 

Want to learn more about Site Traffic API?

For additional information on how to take advantage of the Site Traffic API, go to the FAQ on Site Traffic or check to Use This Site Traffic API To Measure The Performance Of Your Site

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