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Discover The Most Comprehensive Analyze Emotions API

What does my client feel when sees my product? Do they like to receive my email every week? or how do they feel about a new product? Well, to monitor all this information you should use Artificial Intelligence.

What is Sentiment Analysis?

In Natural Language Processing (NLP), Sentiment Analysis refers to the use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (ML) algorithms to detect and analyse sentiments in a body of a text for textual classifiication. This is also known as sentiment mining. Often , a model will output three possible sentiments: positive, negative and neutral

Sentiment Analysis is used to determine all the sentiment a writer or speaker has towards to a product or idea. That is to say that product teams builds tools that use Sentiment Analysis to study comments on a news article or online reviews of a brand, product, or service or applied to phone calls, social media posts, interviews and more.

So, how does the Comprehensive Opinion Analysis API work? Our model works of one of two ways. One way is to take a written text or a transription text and produce a positive, negative or neutral outpu form 1 to -1 scale . Also known as sentiment polarity The model will then match the number, say .06, to its closest sentiment, with:

1 = positive
0 = neutral
-1 = negative

.06 is closest to 0, so it would be considered neutral.

Another way is to use probablity to designate sentiments. Based on multiclass clasification, this model assigns a certainty probability, that is 30% positive, 50% neutral and 20% negative. The highest probability sentiments is in this case neutral, would be sent by the model.

The age of getting meaningful insights from social media data has now arrived along with the advancedof technology It’s time for your organization to move beyond overall sentiment and count based metrics. Companies have been leveraging the power of data lately, but to get the deepest of the information, you have to leverage the power of AI, Deep learning and intelligent classifiers like Contextual Semantic Search. You can contact us to license our technology or get a chargeless prototype for generating meaningful insights from digital media. Please sign up to our Comprehensive Opinion Analysis API and one of our agents will call you and start the journey to the growing of your bussines.

Our Sentiment Analysis API is the right option for many reasons, programmers choose us for these reasons:

  • our API fits to your budget. We offer the best pricing of the market.
  • We offer speech transcription analysis and also we analyze other languages besides English.
  • With our API you can detect a broader range of emotions.
  • Remote help and advice. You can contact by email or our web page chat to any of our agents that will guide you, solve any doubt and suggest analysis.

Now, you are asking yourself, how does Comprehensive Analysis API help my business? It is very important because you can analyze customer-agent interaction, categorize conversations and track customer feelings towards products, service, agent, etc. Once you have all the information together product team can use this detractor opinions to improve or change marketing stretegies, train agents or draft communication. We confirm that if you us it you can benefit greatly from opinion mining.

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