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Discover The Prices Of Magnesium In British Pound

Do you live in London, Manchester, Birmingham, or some other British industrial city? Do you have a company that needs to buy magnesium? Well, in that case, surely you are looking for a place to check its price. Here we will offer you a tool.

Magnesium is a chemical and metallic element, symbol Mg, located in group 2 of the periodic table (alkaline earth). Its atomic number is 12 and its atomic weight is 24,312. It is known as the lightest structural metal in the industry, due to its low weight and ability to form mechanically strong alloys. With a density only two-thirds that of aluminum, it has countless applications where weight savings are of importance. In addition, it is the third most abundant structural metal in the earth’s crust, surpassed only by aluminum and iron.

The main application of magnesium is to be an alloy metal, especially aluminum. These alloys are ideal for the manufacture of beverage containers; automobile components such as tires. It is also used in medicine as a very effective purgative (eliminate parasites) and for the manufacture of photographic flashes. People who go to the gym also use it in the form of magnesium carbonate, which is a white and dry powder, to improve grip on different objects and prevent sweaty hands.

Currently, China largely dominates the world magnesium market, because many countries in the world must import this metal from Asia. One of these countries is the United Kingdom. If you are British and looking for prices to buy magnesium, the Metals-API service will surely help you. This service is the best magnesium rates API.

Discover The Prices Of Magnesium In British Pound

Why is Metals-API number 1 in its market?

First of all, to understand why this system is so famous, we must analyze its impressive numbers. Thousands of developers, small and large companies use Metals-API to quickly and easily get current world market values ​​for any metal (including magnesium of course). Thanks to its 16 reliable data sources, you can be 100% sure that the information you get is true. One of its sources is the prestigious London Metal Exchange (LME). In fact, if you are looking for LME prices API, this service is the best. Currently, it has more than 200,000 satisfied customers.

If you got to this part of the article, you are probably wondering what the price of this wonderful service is. Well, to your surprise, it’s free! But this depends on your needs, since paid plans obviously offer better benefits. For example, the free plan offers price updates 1 time per hour and 50 API calls per month, while the basic plan offers price updates 1 time per minute and 5,000 API calls per month. Choose carefully.

Discover The Prices Of Magnesium In British Pound
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