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Distinguishing Dog Breeds Using A Machine Learning API

It`s possible to distinguish dog breed using a machine learning API. Technology has evolved from human face recognition to animal recognition, and especially with dogs. Developers need a starting point to generate software that will ease the way to common users.

Dogs are very different from each other in terms of their personality and behavior. Some dogs are very playful and energetic, while others are more reserved and calm. Dogs can also be very different from each other in terms of their appearance. Some dogs have short fur, while others have long fur. Some dogs have pointy ears, while others have floppy ears. And some dogs have dark fur, while others have light fur. However, what breed is a dog? Is it purebred or a mongrel dog? If so, what percentage of each breed does it have?

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Why is this important? Well, to learn about its talents, the best way to train it, how and if it can interact with children, what reactions it can have, etc. To distinguish, identify, classify and recognize dog breed, nothing better than the accuracy and efficiency of Dog Breed Classification API.

How Can Dog Breed Classification API Help?

With a computer, an Internet connection, and a reliable API provider one can start using an API for dog breed identification, which allows to quickly and easily identify dog breeds by analyzing images of dogs. It uses cutting-edge technology to deliver accurate results.

Dog Breed Classification API

How To Use This Dog Breed Identification API

To distinguish between dog breeds, then Dog Breed Classification API is the perfect choice for its accuracy and celerity of response.

To get started with this API, simply subscribe to get an API key, and start sending requests to Dog Breed Classification API. Just include the URL of the image of the dog to analyze for the request and the response will be returned in seconds, and it will look like this:

"results": [
"score": 0.9873785376548767,
"label": "German shepherd, German shepherd dog, German police dog, alsatian"
"score": 0.0025157087948173285,
"label": "kelpie"
"score": 0.0009707494755275548,
"label": "malinois"
"score": 0.0008986197062768042,
"label": "dingo, warrigal, warragal, Canis dingo"
"score": 0.0005087173776701093,
"label": "bloodhound, sleuthhound"

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