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Do you know where they accept bitcoin? These portals will indicate the nearest stores

If you want to spend your bitcoin and do not know which stores accept this payment method, there are five portals that can help you get a place. These applications work as specialized directories in shops that accept BTC, allowing you to locate physical stores or online stores anywhere in the world.

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CoinMap is one of the most used Internet portals to consult physical stores that accept bitcoin. The page works with a virtual world map and a search engine. In this way, users can enter the name of a country, city or store to check payment options.

The application has updated information on stores in Latin America, in countries such as Colombia, Argentina, Venezuela, Chile or Mexico. CoinMap also allows you to narrow the search for stores, depending on the needs of the user. For example, if someone wants to visit only establishments to eat, you can configure the search so that only restaurants and coffee shops appear in your city.

The BTCPay Directory website stands out for registering information from online stores that accept payments in bitcoin. From online stores, through games, bookstores, art galleries and even host sales or public domains are some of the services that accept bitcoin registered on this website. Merchants can also offer their stores on this platform if they accept bitcoin as a payment method.

Users can consult businesses in three macrocategories: merchants, applications or charitable activities. Also, the page has a tab with other subcategories for more specialized searches. Users can select the categories books, gifts related to cryptocurrencies, fashion, art or 3D printing, to access websites that offer related products.

If you are in Venezuela and want to know about local stores that accept payments with any cryptocurrency, the CriptoLugares portal is ideal for this query. The page records a total of 448 Venezuelan businesses that accept payments with cryptocurrencies, geographically located on a map. Its interface uses the Google Map application to visually display businesses.

Users can check for tourism agencies, hotels, food, gyms and even private services. Also, each store has its own entry with details of the establishment, its telephone number and the cryptocurrency it accepts.

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BitcoinMap is one of the best positioned applications in the Google Play Store to find stores that accept bitcoin. The platform, like CoinMap, works with a world map where it shows how many stores are enabled per country. Users can browse the offers by region or use the GPS to locate the nearest establishments.

The App registers stores located on all continents, including hundreds of shops in Latin America. It also has an index that calculates the price of bitcoin compared to the national currency of your country and supports multiple languages, including Spanish. BitcoinMap is only enabled for Android phones and has been developed by the startup, responsible for launching other applications related to the world of cryptocurrencies.

BitcoinMap.Cash, on the other hand, is a directory for bitcoin that has a mobile application and web portal. The App works with a world map where the various offers around the world are located. Although the concept is the same as BitcoinMap and CoinMap, these platforms differ due to their design.

The BitcoinMap.Cash App allows users to evaluate the quality of an establishment. In this way, the stores with the best score in a locality are recommended to those people who are in the same territory. Similarly, the platform offers photos of the stores and specifies what type of products are the best sellers.

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Another way to know places where they accept payments in bitcoin is by using startup platforms specializing in cryptocurrency payments. An example of this is Pundix, a firm that has been responsible for manufacturing points of sale for cryptocurrencies and providing services for payment processing.

Recently the company published the exact location on Google Maps of the stores that own their point of sale for cryptocurrencies, sharing it for the public. In this way, users can consult more than 10 stores in Europe (including three in Spain) and about 54 stores in America, most located in Brazil and Argentina.

Although these platforms are very helpful when you want to pay for services with cryptocurrencies, users should check particularly in the store of interest if they accept payments in BTC. In many cases these portals are not updated or the merchants do not notify that they accept or stopped accepting crypto assets in their premises. Because of this, person-to-person confirmation is always important.

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