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Do You Want To Be A B-Company? You Have To Incorporate This API

Today lots of corporations are aiming to become a B-Company. An excellent start is by incorporating a carbon API. 

The ecosystem in which we live provides natural services for humans and all other species. Some of which are essential for our health, quality of life, and survival.

For example, our forests remove carbon dioxide and other pollutants from the air we breathe and also cool the air temperature. This reduces the formation of ozone at ground level, a pollutant that can worsen heart and lung problems; our wetlands store stormwater, filter, and produce pollutants harmless to stormwater; and the dune systems on our beaches form natural barriers to storm surges and provide important habitat and forms of travel for wildlife.

As you can see, our planet is incredibly intelligent and thoughtful. It is built in order to promote balance and keep all species safe. Nevertheless, human footprints are damaging such balance. 

Do You Want To Be A B-Company? You Have To Incorporate This API

Industries & The Environment

The environmental impact that industries have on the environment and natural resources has been considerable. Not only as a result of the growth in production but also thanks to the fact that such growth concentrates in sectors with a high environmental impact.

In this context and in terms of polluting sectors, it is worth noting the growing importance of electricity production, followed by mining and manufacturing production. It is estimated that, between 1950 and 1970, the intensity of pollution, measured as the annual volume in kilograms of emissions per million dollars of product, grew by 50%, mainly due to the contribution of intermediate companies.

All of these activities contribute to big emissions of C02 damaging the health of our world. Because of this, some companies are taking awareness and looking to become a B-Company. These corporations seek to reduce toxic gases, and CO2 emissions, and help the world. For this, they use tools like a carbon API that enable them to achieve their goals. 

What Is A B-Company?

B-companies seek to be agents of change to contribute to the solution of social and environmental problems. This is through the measurement of the impact they have in these areas, and committing themselves personally, institutionally, and legally in decision-making, considering the consequences of their actions. 

B Corps combine economic profitability with the solution of social and environmental problems, that is, they work to achieve the triple impact (economic, social, and environmental) simultaneously.

To become one, introduce Carbon API. 

Carbon API

Carbon API is one of the best when it comes to becoming a B-Company. This is an API that was built in order to promote sustainability and awareness in companies and the world. It is a carbon data API that follows a company’s activities and procedures and tracks all of the energy and CO2 these are taking. 

In consequence, they can catch which procedures are the most damaging for the environment and stop or reduce them. Also, this sustainability API offers a great dashboard where it is easy to visualize all of those measurements. 

Get the Carbon API by subscribing here

Do You Want To Be A B-Company? You Have To Incorporate This API

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