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Does your CV pass the ‘six seconds test’?

An effective CV only needs this small amount of time to convince employers

Did you know that the average recruiter will see your resume for only about six seconds to decide if you are suitable for the position or not? In fact, this practice is so common that it is called ‘The Six Seconds Test’, and to pass it you are likely to have to make certain changes to your worksheet.

Include the title in your name

First of all, you must remember to put your name in the first part of the curriculum. This must be the first thing the recruiter sees. Then, right away, include your title or certificate.

For example, you could write: “Juan Pérez, Doctor of Applied Sciences”.

Remember that employers often give a quick look at your resume, so by putting your certifications right away from your name, you’ll make sure they do not miss it, according to career expert Amanda Augustine.

Avoid subjective descriptions

When you talk about your abilities, avoid making generic descriptions, such as being a motivated, dynamic, hard-working or results-oriented person.

Instead, be as specific as you can. For example, you can say: “Sales manager with 12 years of experience in corporate banking and commercial mortgages”.

This will let the employer know immediately that you are just what you are looking for.


After saying what you do and briefly mention your experience, you should endorse that information in a summary.

This should be really short, about 3 or 5 lines, and should answer the following questions:

-Why are you qualified to fill the vacant position?

-How is it that your experience, education and skills make you a good candidate for this type of role?

-How have you used these qualities to give more value to your previous jobs?

Ask a friend for help

Finally, after making these adjustments, a good way to test if your resume is effective, is to ask a friend to take a look.

It is a good idea that your friend is not in the same profession as you, because that way you will know if your CV is so clear that anyone can understand it.

Ask him to read your resume, but do not do it for more than 30 seconds (you have to give him more time, since your friend surely is not a professional recruiter). Then, ask him if he could easily find and understand your work objectives and certifications, if not, then it means that your CV needs more work.

As you can see, passing the six-second test is not easy. So, pay close attention to every detail of your resume, because remember that, in the end, you have a minimum amount of time to convince the recruiters with him.

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