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E-commerce searches: Two of every three Internet users use marketplaces like Amazon to get informed

87% of Internet users in Spain will buy their Christmas gifts in five marketplaces: Amazon, AliExpress, eBay, El Corte Inglés and Carrefour.

The marketplaces are sweeping the world of online shopping. In fact, one in five purchases is made through Amazon, AliExpress, eBay, El Corte Inglés or Carrefour, as indicated by Tandem, an expert consultant in marketplaces. In addition, as a sign of the great success of these e-commerce stores, 87% of Internet users will choose them to buy Christmas gifts.

Specifically, in Spain an average of 3.8 marketplaces are used, being one of the countries with a higher level of acceptance of this type of portals. Also, the use of these websites is not based exclusively on the purchase, since many users use them to inform themselves through descriptions, opinions and images of customer purchases. Thus, for two out of every three Internet users, marketplaces are the main source of information to buy online.

If before the differential advantage when buying in marketplaces was the price compared to other types of websites, currently the depth of catalog and the convenience when buying different products have gained importance.

Monica Casal, CEO of Tandem, wanted to highlight the position of the marketplaces over the rest of online shopping websites, as well as the reasons for its success: “The point has arrived at which the marketplaces are no longer in the same league The rest of the online stores, but their real competitors are the physical stores, which is why, given the impossibility of touching the products or taking the purchase immediately, which are the main advantages of the stores at street level, it is essential that they play with another type of tricks such as offering a wide variety of products or delivering the order the same day “.

In relation to the marketplaces most in demand, Amazon is still the king, not only at the level of marketplaces but also globally within online sales, with 7.5% of these. Behind the giant of e-commerce, are China’s AliExpress and Ebay.

“Any company or business that wants to sell online has to bet on the marketplaces to reach a greater number of customers and, in this, there is no one like Amazon. From Spain you can offer your product in the 28 countries of the EU through Amazon, and all without leaving this platform, taking into account that Spain accounts for only 5% of European online billing, this gives you an idea of the catalytic effect of this channel ” concluded Casal.

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