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Enhance Your Visual Search Capabilities By Using An Image Classification API

Do you wish to improve your visual search to enhance your marketing and retail company’s work? If you want to find particular images through visual search without losing time, you must read this article. Here we tell you the keys to simplifying your daily designs and plans with the help of an Image Classification API!

As users, when we have to look for certain pictures in one of our computer folders, we tend to do two things. The first is to put the cursor on one image and start to write its name, so automatically we find it. The second is going to the search bar and typing the name or topic we want the program to filter. So, the same happens with online huge image datasets, like the ones hosted in Google Photos or on teamwork platforms. 

But do you know how computer software tracks images? It uses visual search which is a set of artificial intelligence algorithms that train programs to distinguish between different elements of a picture. To achieve the highest level of precision, the computer must prioritize among them in the same way that a person would. For a better identifying process, you can enter a search term in text format, or a keyword and the search engine returns a list of related images.

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Also called Image Classification or Annotation, the assigning of a label or class to an entire image is a process that only could be optimized by code. You would have to train models to take an image as input and return a prediction about which class the image belongs to. Another common use is assigning each image a keyword and then organizing and classifying an entire gallery. Fortunately, there is no need to do it by yourself. Right now there exists applications programming software that does this task for you with a high level of correspondence. 

Among all the visual search APIs available, we would like to recommend you the Image Tagging Content API. This development will be a tool your team doesn’t know it needs! It was perfectly created to stock photography sites and marketing teams. It’s simple, responsive, reliable, and has the best features for marketers and designers. 

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We can mention its complete tag image endpoint, where you can paste the URL of your folder. Automatically you will see the pictures categorized by the tags the AI could identify. To access its attributes you would need to create an account in the ZylaAPIHub Marketplace. Subscription to Image Tagging Content API is required too. You will receive a free plan with over 49 calls to try! If you need more, there are affordable plans in the pricing information.  

Are you not convinced yet? Think about all the time your colleagues lost every time they had to search for images manually. That situation will be solved with only a sign-up! Sounds crazy, right? Luckily, it is not! Image Tagging Content API is free and available for a limited period, so hurry up. Classify your pictures with just a single URL copy and paste!

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