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Entrepreneurial Impulse returns to Nuevo Laredo

César Hernández, Director of Startup Mexico in Nuevo Laredo and founder of Impulso 4 years ago, reported that ‘Entrepreneurial Impulse’ returns stronger and more structured.

About the initiative

“It is an initiative that I founded with other colleagues four years ago, today this initiative evolves and what we want to do is retake what the community of entrepreneurs is. What we have done with Startup Mexico has been to train entrepreneurs, however, we need to add more community”, he said.

Of the first initiatives that Entrepreneurial Impulse has is “Dream History”, this means that examples of people from the community will be reflected in a small review.

Hopes and ambitions

“What I hope to achieve with this is that the Startup Mexico community can merge with the community that is outside and is already with a business”.

“We have a community that brings ideas, projects and little by little we are advising them, but there is a community out there that already has its businesses, already generate jobs and economic development, and that is what we are interested in working with those who are already in Startup Mexico”, said César Hernández.

Juan Maldonado, Impulso Director, explained that it is a community that will work through social networks, where the only requirement to be part of it is to have an idea to undertake, regardless of age.

The public accountant Alejandro Ayala and Pablo Escobedo are also part of the team

Through this community, knowledge, experiences and tools will be shared to support the Neo-Villagers who want to carry out a project.

Entrepreneurial impulse starts activities on November 27 at 6 pm in a restaurant ‘As the Song says’, located on Campeche Street.

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