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Find Out Copper Prices In Indonesian Rupiah Using This API

Are you looking for copper prices? Would you like to be able to see these prices in the currency of your country of origin (Indonesia)? If your answer is yes, we recommend you read this post!

Copper is a soft metal, with a hardness index of 3 on the Mohs scale, it is resistant to wear and has a very high thermal and electrical conductivity. In fact, it is an excellent conductor of electricity (silver, copper and gold, in this order, are the best conductor metals) which, together with its good ductility and malleability, make it the most widely used metal for the manufacture of electrical cables.

In fact, copper (Cu is its symbol in the periodic table) is, after iron and aluminum, the third most consumed metal in the world. Mainly, its greatest uses are found in the construction sectors (copper pipes for water and gas), which represents 40% of the destination of copper production, and the electrical sector (cables), which represents another 27%. In addition, it can be recycled multiple times.

This material is highly required by Indonesia, since this country is the fourth most populous in the world, with 275 million people. Having a colossal population, it is evident that they import thousands of tons a year to give it different uses. However, for this it is necessary to know copper prices. Fortunately, for Indonesians, an API is the solution to their problems.

Find Out Copper Prices In Indonesian Rupiah Using This API

But not just any API, it is the number 1 API in its field. Its name is Metals-API.

Try Metals-API!

Metals-API is a service that allows us to obtain the prices of all metals on the market. It is a simple, intuitive and fast platform, which will allow us to obtain prices with a frequency of 60 seconds. In this way we can keep up to date with copper prices.

But not only this, it also works with 170 currencies from around the world. Thanks to this, a person from Indonesia will be able to see the prices in his local currency (Indonesian rupiah in this case).

Surely you are wondering if it has any cost. The answer is “no”, but it is also “yes”. Although they have a free plan, it has certain limitations. Paid plans include better benefits and are more useful for people who need to see prices more frequently. It depends on your needs. Make sure you choose carefully.

Find Out Copper Prices In Indonesian Rupiah Using This API

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