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Follow Vessel Routes With This Maritime Data API

The vastness of the sea might, on occasion, cause fear, particularly among those who are unfamiliar with the marine world. Humanity has always used the sea to go to other countries or to get food. By chance, advances have been made so that these types of tasks are becoming increasingly safe; and in this context, ship locators are found.

Technology has made this possible in a straightforward manner by displaying the position of all ships in any location throughout the world. Specifically useful for preventing and responding to incidents by knowing where a vessel is at all times, as well as the track record that it has.

The Automatic Identification System (AIS); which is within the ship’s navigation assistance system, is use for ship location services. This system is link to the ship’s GPS and sends information about location and route via satellite via an antenna; allowing for safer navigation.

Aside from preventing accidents at sea, the IAS is also used for environmental monitoring, ship search and rescue, data storage for research purposes, and so on. It is thanks to this technology that a Vessel Traffic Information API can get all the information it needs to give you all the data you need.

How Does A Vessel Traffic Information API Work To Obtain Marine Data?

Because of the processing capacity that an AI-powered API provides; it is possible to raster the location of any buoy in the sky; even in the most remote areas, because it has open access to AIS data.

The AIS is require on all ships with a gross tonnage of more than 500 tons; on all international voyages with a tonnage greater than 300 tons; and on all passenger ships, regardless of size.

As a result, their information base is unlimited, updated 24 hours a day, 365 days a year; and contains a large amount of high-quality data, such as; the night light ship detection layer displays ships at sea that satellites have detect base on the light they generate at night; allowing for a worldwide view of the location of maritime vessels such as carriers and tankers.

Now, that you know how you can access a large maritime database perfectly aligned; and ready to see in real-time; let us tell you that you should search for all the maritime information that you need and want, since this API; we are sure that you will not be disappoint, try it today!

Follow Any Vessel Online With A Vessel Traffic Information API!

Vessel Traffic Information API provides real-time data about vessels all across the world. Check your tracking shipments and receive characteristics such as ship number, latitude, and longitude to acquire a list of all the vessels in that location.

Vessel Traffic Information API is perfect for businesses that want to follow the paths of vessels. You can also add information about any ship to your databases. Get information such as the ship’s destination port, departing port, maximum draught, length, and more.

With Vessel Traffic Information API Be able to detect the number of vessels in an area, retrieve technical information, vessel build information, the flag, get the triangular position, when it is expect to arrive at its destination port, and more. It’s very simple and accurate; try it today and see for yourself!

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