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Get Osmium Rates In Canadian Dollars

You live in Canada? Do you have a company that needs osmium? Well, in that case, we have excellent news for you! Here we will offer you the best platform to find out osmium rates API.

The element Osmium is a brittle and solid transition metal and its color is grayish white. It belongs to the Platinum group and in the periodic table it is located in group number 8 with atomic number 76 and a mass of 190.23. Its symbol on the periodic table is “Os”. Other characteristics of osmium are its brightness, its good electrical and thermal conductivity. Some of its compounds are: Osmium Tetrafluoride, Osmium Tetraoxide, Osmium Dichloride, Osmium Trichloride and Osmium Tetrachloride.

On many occasions we can see how osmium is used as an additive to obtain alloys that allow other materials to achieve a higher level of resistance. One of the most common alloys is with platinum. In addition, it is in great demand for making glowing filaments and is also sometimes used as a catalyst. Thanks to osmium tetroxide, fingerprints can be detected very easily. Finally, the world of jewelry is increasingly demanding osmium. This metal is usually combined with other metals such as silver, gold or even titanium.

Although this metal looks excellent, it has a huge disadvantage, its high price. For example, a single gram of osmium costs 2414 Canadian dollars. In addition, this metal did not grow much in 2021, but it did increase 100% compared to 2018. For this reason, Canadian entrepreneurs must be attentive to its prices. What they need is an alarm to update the rates and what better than Metals-API for this, the best precious metals API.

Get Osmium Rates In Canadian Dollars

What is Metals-API?

If volatility data is what you need, this is the service for you. Metals-API is the newest API in this market that in a short time managed to become number 1 among its competitors. It supports a wide variety of metals such as gold, silver, bronze, copper, and of course, osmium. Thanks to the data provided by the most important financial institutions in the world, Metals-API became a synonym of reliability.

To start using this service, you will need to follow these instructions. Don’t worry, it’s an easy system to use.

1- Go to “” and there you will get an API key. Then register and enter your personal data.
2- Select one of the 7 available plans, 1 free and 6 paid.
3- Search the list of symbols for osmium metal and the Canadian dollar.
4- When finished, make the API call.
5- Enjoy the service and get the updated osmium rates in Canadian dollars.

As a programming language, you have the option of using JSON or PHP.

Get Osmium Rates In Canadian Dollars
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