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Get Relevant Information From The Movie Title You Want With This API

The phrase “Netflix and chill” has become very fashionable these days, as a kind of perfect date mantra. What better than being relaxed with someone you love and watching your favorite series or movie?

Perhaps the worst enemy of this type of plan is the excessive supply of titles that exist throughout the internet, added to the wide variety of platforms to consume content.

You end up spending more time looking for something worthwhile than actually looking at what you wanted, that’s why this Movie and Series Database API comes to save you from these situations.

Even better, do you have a website that offers series and movies? Then this Movie and Series Database API is also perfect for you.

You may wonder why, and in addition to relevant information about the title you request, our API offers all kinds of relevant information for the viewer.

Can I conduct a thorough search?

Of course you can, as this feature enables you to conduct more in-depth database searches. This mission can be completed in one of four ways.

The first step is to use the title in issue to search for relevant television shows, films, or video games. The second choice is to do a search for persons using their names. The third search option is looking for titles created by two individuals; these individuals might be two actors, one actor and a director, etc.

You can do this search by typing both of their names into the search bar or by inputting the names of two titles (such as those of two films in which the same individuals feature). The fourth search option is to conduct a search based on a theme or topic; within this choice, there are two more distinct ways to conduct the search in question.

What are the most common uses cases of this API?

This Movie and Series Database API is ideal for those who want to create a Movie, Series, or TV show portal. Retrieve information dynamically and recommend your users with shows based on their searches or preferences. 

Filter movies and shows by the director. By cast and more. 

Create charts based on rating or maybe gross revenue.

If your case is like the one described a few lines above and you plan to apply this Movie and Series Database API to your own portal, you should already know all the inconveniences that arise when matching search engines to pages.

Ok but can we talk about the pricing?

Surely after all this information you will be thinking that this Movie and Series Database API is very expensive, but you will be surprised to know that it has four more than adequate plans to adapt to your needs or those of your company.

Below are the details of each plan:


$0.00 / Mo

1,000 Requests / Month


$24.99 / Mo

10,000 Requests / Month


$49.99 / Mo

100,000 Requests / Month


$99.99 / Mo

1,000,000 Requests / Month 

But if none of these plans fit you here we offer a new one:


Custom quote

Need more? We offer unlimited API calls, Request Quote

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