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Get Uranium Rates in Japanese Yen Using This API

Do you need uranium prices? If you are Japanese, surely you want to be up to date with their values due to the importance of nuclear energy in the country. For those people, we offer an alternative to their problems.

Uranium is a gray metal, although it is difficult to find it in nature in this form, since it normally occurs in compounds with other chemical elements. As usual in metals, uranium is characterized by its high ductility and malleability, although it is a poor conductor of electricity. With its 92 protons, it is the chemical element with the highest atomic weight that we can find. But without a doubt, the most well-known property of uranium is its radioactivity.

In addition to its natural radioactivity, the nucleus of the uranium atom can be intentionally broken apart by bombarding it with other subatomic particles. As a consequence, large amounts of energy are released, in a process known as nuclear fission. It is currently used to produce nuclear power around the world and today produces 17% of the world’s electricity. This is because nuclear energy is clean during its generation, cheap and constant. The only problem is radioactive waste.

Although after the accident at the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant, nuclear energy lost power in Japan, it is still widely used to supply its population with electricity. In fact, the current objective of the Government is that by 2030, 20-22% of energy is from a nuclear source. That is why Japan needs to keep up with uranium prices to fuel its reactors.

Get Uranium Rates in Japanese Yen Using This API

For this, we will use Metals-API, to be informed about uranium prices.

Use Metals-API!

Using the Metals-API service, you will be able to obtain precious metals data in real time with two decimal places of precision and an update rate of 60 seconds. In addition, this API also includes currency conversion (so you can see uranium prices in Japanese yen), time series data return, volatility data, and the lowest and highest price of any day.

Thanks to its absolutely reliable sources of information and its excellent customer service, Metals-API became the leader in its respective market. More than 200,000 customers have already expressed their satisfaction with this service.

How should I use it?

To get uranium prices in Japanese yen you need to do the following:

1- First of all, visit their website ““.
2- Click on “GET API KEY”.
3- Select an available plan, 1 is free and the others are paid. The prices are annual, not monthly.
4- In the menu, add the uranium and the Japanese yen symbol.
5- Then, make the API call.
6- Remember that you have the option of using JSON or PHP as the programming language.

Get Uranium Rates in Japanese Yen Using This API

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