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Get Zinc Prices In Canadian Dollar Using This API

Do you live in Canada and your industry needs zinc? In that case, you probably want to be up to date with its prices.

Zinc is an essential chemical element with atomic number 30 and symbol Zn, located in group 12 of the periodic table of elements. It is a silvery or grayish metal that is malleable, ductile, and moderately hard, so it can be easily rolled and stretched. Also, zinc is one of the less common elements; it is estimated that it is part of the earth’s crust in 0.02%, that is, it ranks 25th in order of abundance among the elements.

The most important uses of zinc are in alloys and as a protective coating on other metals. Iron or steel coated with zinc is called galvanized. On the other hand, it is also an essential element for the development of many kinds of plant and animal organisms. Zinc deficiency in the human diet impairs growth and maturation and also causes anemia.

The largest zinc producers today are China, Australia, Peru, the US and New Zealand. On the other hand, Canada imports large quantities of Zinc from its neighbor to the south, since its industries need to be constantly supplied to produce different alloys. If you are Canadian and your goal is to check the prices of this metal, we recommend you to use Metals-API.

Get Zinc Prices In Canadian Dollar Using This API

Why should you use Metals-API?

Thousands of developers, small businesses and large corporations use the Metals-API service every day. Thanks to this API, these companies can obtain current global market values for any metal quickly and efficiently. In fact, there are currently more than 500 companies around the world that use this API. Some of its clients are Barrick Gold, Mansour, Injective Protocol, among other companies. The Metals-API is capable of delivering real-time precious metals data (like zinc in your case), with an accuracy of 2 decimal points and a frequency as high as every 60 seconds.

But also, the people who designed this service know that it is very annoying for persons from other countries to see prices in foreign currencies. The simplest thing is to see the prices in your local currency. Fortunately, they included a conversion system between more than 170 currencies from around the world, including the Canadian dollar.

If you have any questions, remember that on its website you will find a manual about how this system works. But if there is something you don’t understand, you can contact customer support via virtual chat.

Get Zinc Prices In Canadian Dollar Using This API

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