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Give Your Customers Peace Of Mind With The Credit Card Validation API

When it comes to online payment transactions, trust is the currency that matters most. Every swipe or click carries with it a leap of faith, a belief that their sensitive information is in safe hands. Enter the realm of credit card validation, a digital guardian that stands between transactions and potential fraud. In this article, we’ll delve into the heart of secure payments, introducing you to a groundbreaking API, designed to bolster customer confidence and redefine online transaction security.

Now, imagine transforming the payment experience into a seamless voyage of confidence. A Bank API does precisely that. It isn’t just about security; it’s about elevating the customer experience. This is where technology and trust converge, allowing businesses to offer more than just a transaction; they offer peace of mind. The API works its magic by providing an insightful peek into the API’s functionality, a behind-the-scenes marvel that redefines transaction security.

Give Your Customers Peace Of Mind With The Credit Card Validation API

Understanding the Need for Credit Card Validation

Picture this: a user excitedly adds items to their virtual cart, ready to complete a purchase. In the backdrop, a digital fortress stands guard, ensuring that their payment details are secure. Security is at the heart of transactions, and the role of credit card validation cannot be overstated. It goes beyond just checking numbers; it’s about verifying the authenticity of every digit, minimizing the risk of fraudulent transactions.

The significance of credit card validation goes beyond technicalities. It’s about instilling trust in every step of the payment journey. Validating credit cards isn’t just a checkbox; it’s a bridge to earning customer trust. With each validated transaction, a sense of security takes root, transforming hesitant shoppers into confident buyers. Moreover, the financial benefits are profound; by reducing fraud risk, businesses safeguard their bottom lines.

Credit Card Validator – BIN Checker API

Give Your Customers Peace Of Mind With The Credit Card Validation API

You can identify unauthorized credit card transactions by using this API. Utilizing BIN numbers, begin searching for each piece of information on credit and debit cards. To view all the information, the user must enter the BIN (Bank Identification Number) or IIN (Issuer Identification Number) of their credit or debit card.

To access all of this BIN/IIN information in JSON format, you must provide a BIN (Bank Identification Number), which is the first six numbers on a credit or debit card. You will be informed of the card’s type (Visa or MasterCard), expiration date, bank, and issue location.

The customer’s credit card information will be available to you, including the issuing bank, the issuing institution (AMEX, VISA, MC), the card’s location, and whether or not it is a valid credit card. 

Be able to validate any credit card based on its BIN number (first 6 digits). You will receive data from the Credit Card, CC Issuer, Card Type, Card Level, Card Brand, Issuer Country, and more.  When determining whether to approve the payment or run a promotion, this API simply considers the validity of the credit card in addition to the bank and business information. This “BIN Checker” endpoint will reply to your query with the following statement following your API call:

"status": 200,
"success": true,
"isValid": true,
"message": "The BIN number is valid.",
"data": {
"bin_iin": "444444",
"card_brand": "VISA",
"card_type": "CREDIT",
"card_level": "GOLD",
"issuer_name_bank": "CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK POLSKA, S.A.",
"issuer_bank_website": "------",
"issuer_bank_phone": "022-2133067",
"iso_country_name": "POLAND",
"iso_country_code": "PL"

To learn how to utilize the API, watch the video below!

It is simpler to determine the issuing bank or institution thanks to this CC Checker API. Therefore, depending on whether you have specific arrangements with a certain bank, you may or may not be able to approve the transaction.  

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