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Goodbye to outsourcing?

Finally, the options for regulating the widespread practice of labor outsourcing in Mexico are analyzed in the Senate. A key piece of the Upper House told us that two proposals are being considered: generate a very aggressive regulation or completely prohibit this form of contracting. With this measure, they intend to support workers’ rights as well as avoid the tax evasion incurred by many companies through this type of contracting. It remains to be seen if the business sector will be happy with the changes.

Mobile telephony

Mobile telephony is what the pay TV company Megacable added to its “CV”. This happened less than a day ago, when it announced that it will offer that service to its users for free for three months. Therefore, this will close the circle so that your clients have all the communication services of your home. They tell us that the company estimates that it will deliver the 500,000 SIM cards that will be available in the introductory period, but that around 70% will be activated. In addition, in five years it plans to reach one million users.

What’s new

Gift for Friendship Day will be the new edition of the Exodus Metro game, developed by 4A Games. It will be released around the world on February 15. For this release, the title is presented again a post-apocalyptic world established in 2036. In it, thousands of survivors take refuge inside the Moscow metro from the ravages of a nuclear war, Ayrtom , the main character, will lead the Spartan Rangers out of this place in search of new life.

Albo, the Mexican startup

Good news was the one that began this week and in general the year the Mexican startup fintech Albo, founded by Ángel Sahagún, who managed to raise a round of investment Series A for 7.4 million dollars, from Mountain Nazca, Omidyar Network and Greyhound Capital , which will serve to strengthen the strategy of expanding their services throughout the country. The startup allows you to create a digital savings account with the ability to receive and transfer money.

What are the stadistics?

It is easy and easy to use molecular tracers, with which stolen, altered or recessed gasoline can be identified. Given this it is known that Pemex, today in charge of Octavio Romero, analyzes the implementation of this technology as a key piece of the federal strategy against huachicoleo, a crime that reached 45,000 million pesos annually. Thus, at an international level, the marking of gasoline has given positive results in 16 countries, including France, the United Kingdom, Spain and Colombia. In fact this system was tested in the times of José Antonio González Anaya against Pemex, but they were “expensive”, without a doubt a bad decision that costs us more today.

What do recent reports say

The ECLA heard a slap from the Latin American governments, including Mexico, for the lack of results to fight poverty in the region. In its recent report Social Panorama of Latin America 2018, the agency led by Alicia Bárcena highlighted that the general poverty rate remained stable in 2017, but the proportion of people living in extreme poverty continued to grow.

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