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Holidays Public Calendar Api In 2022

Calendars have always been a great tool for managing people’s personal life, scheduling family events as well as business meetings. In our digital environment, many of us are accustomed to use virtual calendars and agendas, because they provide the possibility to update commitments from any device.

Moreover, if you want to start with a new business idea, or you are already running a big company, scheduling may be an important issue for you to take into account. Making a good research of the holidays for the next months will develop reasonable expectations for the projects of your firm.

The sales team, the technical support area, the marketing employees, the product shipping workers, every area of your company will need a clear description of the available days for working. That is a huge condition in order to accomplish each goal the firm has, most of all if the objective is to reach a worldwide market. Sometimes, too many meetings and simultaneous events create a sense of “missing out on something”, and the administration should be able to prevent that. 

Imagine being in charge of a team composed of professional people from Italy, Chile, Philippines and Cameroon. Is the leader supposed to invest precious time in searching for the holidays of every nation? What if one of those countries unexpectedly changes its public calendar?

What happens if the industry must deliver products to another continent, and the client needs to know when some purchase is going to arrive? How can you be certain of all the government dispositions for each province about shipping? The good news is that nowadays, there are APIs suitable for enterprises of all sizes, even for that kind of struggles.

The world’s top organizations now use APIs to unify every employee, from every culture, religion, and country. An API is a service that allows managers to request information about different holidays around the world and quickly obtain the data.

We celebrate a lot of holidays in one country. It goes from commonly known ones such as Christmas or New Year’s Eve, to the most random ones, like the World Compliment Day (yes, it’s a thing in Norway, Belgium and Netherlands!). Well, how can you keep track of those holidays and check if they’re official?

With Check Holidays API, you will be able to quickly detect how many workable days the year will have, and take decisions based on that information. It will enable you to deliver special offers and deals for each client, based on their holidays; you will set meetings considering each worker’s calendars, avoiding misunderstandings. There will be no need for your company to hire new developers: it’s so simple and intuitive that anyone can access and enter a request, discovering reliable information. 

You can make up to a million requests each month, for historical and future holidays, and remain confident because it will be updated and verified weekly. Check Holidays API offers you a database of more than 190 countries, with their regions, states and provinces. If you need more requests, a faster response time, or any other information, you can contact the developers to learn more about the API details.

This API will help you grow your firm on a worldwide level, but also keep your employees in consideration. It doesn’t matter if they live in Andorra or Venezuela, now the meetings won’t get in the middle of any holiday calendar!

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