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How A Contact Enrichment API Can Make Your Company More Efficient?

Are you looking to enrich the collection and management of your contact company data, and how an API can make this work really easy? Then, see this post to the end!

In an era where consumers are inundated with ads everywhere they look, it is no wonder that marketers are looking for enhancing digital advertising.

But, to break through the noise, companies nowadays are turning to data enrichment as a way to better understand their contacts and with that attract customers.

Data enrichment is the process of adding additional information to existing customer data. This can include demographic details, behavioral attributes, online activity, and more.

Also allows companies to identify their target audience and customize outreach efforts.

When used in conjunction with other marketing tactics; such as user reviews or loyalty programs, data enrichment can help improve customer experience.

That is why it is more important than ever for companies if they want to stand out; and provide exceptional online service. One way to do that is by using data enrichment APIs.

How A Contact Enrichment API Can Make Your Company More Efficient?

What Is An API?

APIs act as an interface between two applications, allowing data to be exchanged. They are composed of a self-learning algorithm that analyzes the relationship between HTML content and IAB categories. The output of that system is a simple JSON file that contains all the detected associations.

APIs facilitate data management by providing a simple, powerful interface for building web apps that leverage existing business systems. With an AI-powered data classification API, you can make the entire process of data organization for your company much more efficient and accurate.

That is why we recommend you try out this API!


How A Contact Enrichment API Can Make Your Company More Efficient?

Klazify is a well-known and widely used API in today’s world. This program uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to detect online information and a Machine Learning Engine to evaluate a website’s content and meta tags.

Klazify have also a search engine that sorts web pages and businesses into categories depending on their expertise. Its goal is to locate, rate, and categorize the greatest websites on the web (up to 3 levels).

It ranges from 0 to 1, with 1 indicating complete certainty and 0 indicating total ambiguity. This API connects to a certain site or URL, retrieves data, and then categorizes it into over 385 different categories for one-to-one personalization using the IAB V2 Standard Classification taxonomy. Customers may simply provide services like Internet filtering, subscriber statistics, advertising networks, and fraud prevention thanks to Klazify’s domain classification.

How to use it?

1-Go to and get an API key.

2- Paste the URL, domain, email address, or text to be categorized into the provided box, then confirm that you are not a robot by clicking the submit button.

3. You’ll then receive the API answer in your preferred programming language. Klazify makes use of JSON, Python, and PHP.

4. Select the best result and save it. After that, you’re free to do whatever you want with it.

For additional information, go to

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