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How A Sales Team Can Benefit From A Phone Number Validator API

Do you want to know how a sales team can benefit from a phone number validator API? If so, keep reading!

Nowadays, by validating phone numbers, sales teams can ensure that businesses may reach users who are active on their platform. This is because, nothing is gained by investing money in obtaining “leads” if you are unable to reach them afterwards. For this reason, more and more sales teams are begining to use some kind some kind of tool that allows them to see if, the users a business has already captured, are still active.

This means that, by using a tool to validate previous phone numbers, a sales team can:

1. Launch well-developed marketing campaigns to expand the contact list,
2. Obtain feedback,
3. Promote and sell new services efficiently.
4. And much more!

What Tool Can A Sales Team Use To Validate A Phone Number?

In today’s world there is one tool in particular that allows to validate any phone number quickly and easily. A phone number validation API is a program that checks the legitimacy of any phone number while also retrieving information about it. It not only validates the format of the number, but it also sends a ping to the number to see if it is active and receiving calls/messages.

Benefits A Sales Team Can Get From Using An API

First and foremost, an API can be used to validate a phone number. This benefit is specially usefull for sales teams who are looking for a way to improve their telemarketing strategy; or SMS campaign; since with this information at their hands, they will be able to avoid calling or messaging those numbers that are invalid or fake.

Another benefit is that an API retrieves data on that same phone number it is asked to validate. With it, you can obtain all kind of information including, its type, its country, and its carrier company. For instance, is a sales team has information about the location of the phone number (e.g. city, state, province) it can plan a strategy that allows a better approach with the client. Since different locations have different cultures and customs, sending SMS with local references may greatly increase engagement rate.

When selecting an API for your business, keep in mind that it must be dependable and secure. On that note, we recommend that you use a reputable and secure API; such as Phone Number Validator API, which is available at Zyla API Hub.

How To Validate A Phone Number Using An API

First, create a Zyla API Hub account to obtain an API key. This one will allow you to make API calls to any of the APIs available on Zyla Hub’s marketplace.

Then, include your bearer token in the Authorization header to authenticate your API key. When you’re done, you can begin making API calls.

To validate a phone number, include the phone number you want to check as a parameter in your API request, and use the endpoint Verification.

Lastly, Make the API request and wait a few seconds for the results!

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