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How can companies trust your fintech? PayXpert did it

Thanks to the technology and to the TPVs of the fintech, the customers of the nine luxury hotels of the chain in Spain will be able to pay with WeChat, one of the most used methods in China. The agreement reinforces PayXpert’s position in the hospitality and tourism sector, offering its services to improve the digitalization of payment processes.

A luxurious client

PayXpert, fintech specialized in the integration and management of the most innovative payment solutions for each business, has just added its client portfolio to the luxury hotel chain Hospes Hotels. From now on, customers of the five five-star hotels that this company has in Spain will be able to make their payments also with WeChat, one of the most used systems in China. Thanks to the special devices (TPVs) that PayXpert has developed and that the Hospes establishments have already incorporated, transactions can be carried out in a completely secure manner without the need to use cash or card.

“We are very proud that Hospes Hotels has opted to go one step further in the digitalization of its services with PayXpert. Thanks to our TPVs, your Chinese customers can make the payment with WeChat Pay in a comfortable and secure way, improving the customer experience during the purchase process and their perception of the company”, explains Raúl Sánchez, Payixpert’s operations director in Spain.

A service specially designed

This service is specially designed for the nearly one million Chinese tourists who visit Spain every year. PayXpert is an official partner for Europe of the two most popular payment methods in China: WeChat Pay and Alipay. Thanks to their TPVs, now businesses that have this system can offer their customers a simple, innovative payment method with the highest security fees. It is only necessary to click on the corresponding icon on the POS screen, enter the amount of the service, and then the QR code will appear that the client can already scan with his WeChat Pay or Alipay application. Directly and through your own mobile phone, you can confirm the transaction. Thus, the entire payment process is done securely, without needing to have cash or use credit cards.

Tourism from China is one of the most growing in our country and about one million people visit Spain every year with an average expenditure of 2,500 euros.

“We are very pleased to be a reference in the hotel sector to provide our customers with new payment methods. We have incorporated this system so popular among the Chinese community and we hope our customers feel more secure and comfortable making transactions in our stores”, says Manuel Olivares, CEO of Hospes Hotels.

PayXpert, are experts in local alternative payment methods

PayXpert is a company specializing in local alternative payments. They offer to any business that is looking for the internationalization of its activity the most appropriate methods to the local payment habits or of a concrete community. PayXpert customers can gain time and efficiency thanks to the transaction options provided by this fintech that has more than 150 payment methods and processes in more than 40 different currencies.

PayXpert currently has several offices in Europe (United Kingdom, Spain, Germany and France) and Asia (Taiwan), to ensure the coverage of most of the territory where it operates and to offer in each of these areas the payment methods more adequate.

About PayXpert

PayXpert is a Fintech brand specialized in the integration and management of the best and most innovative payment solutions for each business, always providing maximum security in the purchase transactions.

Created in 2009, it currently has more than 150 payment methods and processes in more than 40 different currencies. In Spain, for example, PayXpert is the only official partner of WeChat Pay and Alipay, the most widely used payment methods in China. His knowledge and experience in other markets more advanced in digital payments, such as Asia, makes it possible to provide its customers with the latest payment technology.

Thanks to the application of business intelligence, customers can always have all the necessary information available to make decisions quickly and easily. Likewise, with the aim of safeguarding user data and using tokenization, PayXpert customers have the option of making recurring transactions, subscriptions and one-click payments securely.

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