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How Dating Sites Can Benefit From An Image Classification API

Have you ever used a dating site? Did you know that its algorithm uses several tools to decide if your better half is the right one for you? Learn more in this article about categorization API

Talking about romanticism in the digital age is somewhat complicated. Does the idea of bumping into someone on the bus and magically falling in love still exist? Did it ever exist? We don’t know, but with the advancement of technology, algorithms make it easier to connect and find people who share our same interests.

But new technologies, artificial intelligence, go further. To the point of realizing the idea of finding someone on the street or in a dating site and recognizing their faces in order to somehow reach them. But how? With the appearance of image classification APIs that seek to recognize people’s faces.

Based on the user’s previous preferences, a method for producing tailored classification models to automatically assess online dating pictures on Tinder is presented. The approach employs an image classification API that analyzes faces of people in order to extract characteristics that may be associated to facial beauty.

How Dating Sites Can Benefit From An Image Classification API

How Does an Image Classification API Benefit the User?

Let’s say a user evaluated 8,545 online dating profiles. A feature set was created from profile photographs with only one face for each examined online dating profile. Two techniques are described for transitioning from the set of features for each face to the set of profile features. A basic logistic regression trained on the embeddings of only 20 profiles might achieve a validation rate of 65%.

During 80 accounts, a threshold of lower expected returns was observed, at which the model accuracy of 73% would only increase little after analysing a considerable number of brand-new profile.

Now, if you are interested in knowing how to integrate this type of computer data into your dating site, we recommend the use of Clapicks, which is one of the most profitable and trusted categorization APIs on the web.

So What Is Clapicks?

Clapicks‘ technique provides you to classify your picture material automatically. Clapicks is a robust API for real-time picture categorization. This API is designed to assist businesses with categorizing and classifying images stored in their archives. This API is a collection of picture comprehension and consultant that are provided as an online service that enable you to simplify the processes of analyzing, categorizing, and discovering through vast datasets of unorganized photos.

How Dating Sites Can Benefit From An Image Classification API

How Does This Categorization API Works?

Clapicks API is really simple to use. Simply follow these steps:

• Make an account, register, and obtain your personal API key.

• Copy the Url, or the URL of the picture you want to categorise.

• After receiving the response, click “run,” and the item will be categorised with precise and insightful findings.

What Are The Most Normal Uses For This Platform?

This API is perfect for organizations with huge picture databases, such as a dating site, that have unstructured data and need to categorize it by topic or user. Clapicks API will provide you with information such as which photographs are more liked or matched in your dating user database.

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