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How important is it to own a modern office building for your fintech startup?

Avaloq, a leading international fintech company, has completed its new, modern office building at its Ticino site in Switzerland. The new building in Bioggio is located next to the existing premises of Avaloq and was inaugurated on 26th February.

About the new building

The new building unites the entire Ticino workforce of Avaloq in one place, and the employees who previously worked in Pregassona move to the enlarged site in Bioggio. With a total capacity for more than 800 employees, the new Ticino base also has room for further growth of the workforce in Bioggio.

The new building is equipped with a modern ventilation system and a building management system and solar panels are planned for the roof. It is designed to have elements for flexible work concepts, such as: For example, so-called project rooms, while the employees have their permanent jobs. The connection between the existing and the new building forms a «piazza», which is intended for various interactions between employees, such as spontaneous meetings, informal gatherings or leisure activities. The new building has created a courtyard between the two buildings, which offers an additional open space in a sheltered area.

More expansions

The construction of the new building in Bioggio coincided with the expansion of the London office, which is twice the size of the previous one, and the opening of the modern building in Singapore last May. The latter is the first Avaloq office building in the world to combine software and service know-how in one central location.

Tobias Unger, Regional Manager for Switzerland and Liechtenstein at Avaloq, said: “With the new premises, Avaloq is reaffirming its commitment to the Ticino site. We have been rooted in the region since the 1990s and appreciate their economic growth and the high number of local and international talents. At the same time, the enlarged Bioggio site reflects Avaloq’s innovative power and supports the company’s efforts to play a key role in the tremendous transformation that is currently going on in the banking industry. ”

Pascal Föhn, COO of Avaloq, added: “A central part of our work culture is to provide our employees with a stimulating environment that promotes innovation. In practice this means we provide them with a work environment that inspires them to share ideas and break new ground in their work”.

About Avaloq: Essential for Banking

Avaloq is the driving force behind the automation and digitalization of the financial industry.

Building on our fully integrated banking software, we create powerful digital user experiences. We provide our digital solutions to banks and asset managers through a standardized Business Process as a Service (BPaaS) – or a Software as a Service (SaaS) model. This gives financial institutions the freedom to focus on product and sales innovation, customer service, customer confidence and growth – while Avaloq ensures seamless operations behind the scenes.

158 banks and wealth managers managing assets totaling more than CHF 4,000 billion worldwide trust Avaloq, our products and our experience. Our customers are the leading banks of today and tomorrow.

Avaloq is the only independent solution provider in the finance industry that also develops and operates its software, which makes Avaloq Banking solutions one of the most efficient in the world. To foster innovation, we work in a uniquely collaborative manner with clients, other fintech, universities, and hundreds of third-party vendors: the Avaloq ecosystem.

Avaloq is headquartered in Switzerland and employs more than 2,000 people worldwide. We operate three R & D centers in Zurich, Edinburgh and Manila as well as three service centers in Switzerland, Singapore and Germany. We also have offices in the most sophisticated financial and innovation centers in the world such as Berlin, Hong Kong, London, Luxembourg, Madrid, Paris, Singapore and Sydney.

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