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How Much CO2 Is A Company Generating? This API Solves It

Companies generate a lot of CO2 which is damaging to the environment. With this API it is possible to track those emissions and control them. 

What Is CO2?

Carbon dioxide is a gaseous compound, it is one of the elements that naturally integrate the air that many living beings breathe. And it is an essential component of the carbon cycle.

CO2 is one of the trace gases (with a percentage of less than 1%) that make up the Earth’s atmosphere and its origin dates back to the Precambrian era. This gas is a natural product of the decomposition of organic matter. And it is also generated during the respiration of all aerobic living beings: plants and animals.

With this clearer definition, let’s find out how companies generate CO2. Plus, why should they incorporate an API that measures those emissions?

How Much CO2 Is A Company Generating? This API Solves It

CO2 & Companies 

When the fermentation processes of sugars take place, during the production of beers, wines, or bread, CO2 generates. The same happens when burning wood, pellets, hydrocarbons, and fossil fuels, such as natural gas, coal, peat, or oil and all its derivatives.

After the Industrial Revolution that took place more than 100 years ago, humans and companies have generated an enormous amount of tons of CO2. Especially in companies related to electrical energy, thermal conditioning, transportation, industry, livestock, and agriculture. 

Therefore,  the production of CO2 has two origins, one natural and one artificial. Human actions cause the second one. And since CO2 is an inert final product that accumulates in the layers of the atmosphere, there is a continuous exchange of this gas between the biosphere and the great masses of water on the planet.

As a result, companies are generating more than the recommended CO2 that our planet should have. This results in damaging consequences.

Consequence Of CO2 & Why Introduce An API

  • One of the major issues is that when CO2 and water combine, hydrogen carbonate, often known as carbonic acid, is created. The PH of the water has changed as a result of this chemical.
  • The alteration in soil use and upkeep is another factor contributing to the rise in CO2 caused by human activity.
  • Finally, one of the most concerning consequences is the rise in the earth’s surface temperature due to global warming. This is brought on by an excess of several gases, including NOx, Methane, and CO2.
  • And more

Evidently, these CO2 emissions are leading our planet to a lost path. Hence, companies should start becoming more aware of the toxic gases they are in charge of. This way they can reduce them and make a change. Thus, one of the best practices is to introduce a carbon data API to their system.

Carbon API

One of the greatest to establish or become a sustainable and socially responsible corporation is with the help of Carbon API. This CO2 API was created to encourage ecology and education among businesses and communities.  This application programming interface monitors a business’s operations and activities and keeps tabs on all the power and carbon dioxide they take.

As a result, they can identify the practices that need to be stopped or reduced. Additionally, this green carbon zero API provides a fantastic panel that makes it simple to see all of those measures in detail and in a graphic way.

Visit to subscribe and get the Carbon API.

How Much CO2 Is A Company Generating? This API Solves It

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