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How To Block Disposable Emails From Signing Up In WordPress With An API

Today you will receive an answer on how to block disposable emails with an API. As a result, you will stop their entry, for example, while signing up in WordPress.

All companies and platforms have to deal with the troubling practices of disposable emails. While those creations can not be stopped, their harm on platforms can with the use of email verifications APIs. Before diving deep into their benefits, let me introduce you to disposable emails.

Block Disposable Emails

I believe it is important to understand the backstory of why people decide to create such harmful emails. After all, to combat them your first must acknowledge them. While you can’t understand all of the reasons that go through thousands of individuals that create disposable emails, we can get a closer look.

Most people decide to create disposable emails to enter certain platforms like WordPress for several reasons. For example, they are just taking advantage of trails that won’t be charged, want to peek into how the service works, are scared or simply do not want to use their personal account, and more. The most dangerous type of user is the ones who are looking to create some kind of virus. 

Disposable Emails

Evidently, all of these reasons add a cero benefit to WordPress. It makes its reputation fall, makes it lose money, decays on credibility and reputation, lay the platform at risk, and more. Therefore, those disposable emails must be terminated and blocked with a verification and disposable emails API.

Disposable Emails Detection API

The best way to block disposable emails from signing up to platforms like WordPress is through the use of an email detector API. This kind of API will filter those entrances at the beginning. Hence, the API will be able to block them if they detect any kind of alarm that could potentially risk WordPress.

Moreover, these email validation APIs can also alert you if the emails in question have any mistakes or typos. Hence, you will get to know if those profiles also add nothing but bulk to the Platform. Now all you have to do is incorporate one of the best email detection APIs.

E-Mail Verificator and Temp Emails Detector

This Email Verificator and Temporary Detector API is one that specializes in those disposables emails you’re so keen to block. The Email Verificator API has the ability to stop them from signing up to any website. Of course, today’s example is WordPress but this is also valid for any platform. 

Just like the name of the API reveals, it has a feature that focuses on temporary/disposable emails. These emails are the most difficult to eradicate because they can pass as “real” while signing up. Thankfully, the Email Validation API possess the technology to capture and eliminate them.

If the Email API detects domains of this type it will immediately answer as:  “valid: true” “block: true” and “disposable: true”.  Consequently, the software will immediately know when to block it and act upon the request! 

Disposable Emails

If you want to keep learning how to block those emails, here I’ll add another article:

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