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How to Categorize a List of 100,000 Domains Using API?

Software like this goes along with Website Categorization API which classifies a site into a content category. It takes a URL as an input and assigns it into the relevant industry. There’s a lot of Company Logo and Categorizations API available on the internet but Klazify seems to be the most popular above all and should suit all your needs.

Klazify’s Website Categorization and Company Logo API uses a machine learning (ML) engine to scan a website’s content and meta tags. It extracts text to classify the site and assigns up to three categories aided by natural language processing (NLP).

Their offline database is perfect for customers who require a local option for domain categorization. Typical use cases include hardware/product integrations, custom applications or internal use at an Enterprise organization with high request volume.

Logo API

Thanks to advanced technology, you can now take a company’s domain and get the company’s logo in return.This kind of software is perfect for app developers who need many company logos, and want a free or cheap way to get them automatically, rather than wait for their users to upload them. It is now a must for profile enrichment, and very used in banking and company information databases.

Klazify extracts a logo from any website on the fly which means you get one even for the most unknown and new sites. The software lets you get real logos from the website in higher quality and makes their background transparent. This makes the logos look good on any background, not just white.

Klazify’s Company Logo API not only has most company logos ready and updated frequently, when you query with a domain for which they don’t have the logo, their machine goes out and gets it. This is what makes it the most dependable.

How Klazify works

Klazify will navigate to the requested domain name or URL, collect its content,  and determine appropriate categorizes based on a classification taxonomy: IAB V2 Standard, which can be used for 1-1 personalization, marketing segmentation, online filtering and more. The end result is that the URL or domain can now be placed in a specific category.

State of the art accuracy

Their website categorization API is highly accurate, a simple lookup to a company’s URL will classify its industry within 385 possible topic categories.

Domain Processing

Klazify’s domain processing begins one of two ways:

  • New Domain Ingestion: Klazify examines the website, chasing new domains and re-indexing previously categorized domains.
  • External feeds: External data sources that are given to Klazify to process


Once a URL has been processed and passed the safety checks, it gets categorized. 

Domain categorization

There are over a lot of possible topic categories, making the list comprehensive but a little broader compared to other categorization taxonomies. 

Klazify’s categorization is ideal for internet filtering and security applications, and best thing of all? They support all the domains available and almost all the languages of the world.

The Classification Taxonomy that Klazify uses is from the IAB, which was referenced before. IAB stands for “Interactive Advertising Bureau.” They’ve created a standard list of categories and subcategories for advertising purposes.

For example, if a publisher is putting together a campaign on Google Ads and only wants to show up on specific websites, Google utilizes the IAB classification to decide which category a certain domain belongs to. This means that if publishers are using Klazify to determine if websites URLs are relevant and pertinent for them to advertise on, the categorization that is given to them in Klazify is also used on advertising websites all over the internet.

Once Klazify finishes categorizing a domain, that domain can then have multiple categories associated with it. While a single website might only be placed in 3 categories using the IAB standards.

The IAB has nearly 385+ possible topic categories to choose from. 

Why Is Klazify The Best Option For Categorizing a Website?

  • Powerful & scalable

Klazify can scale to millions of requests and keep being stable under heavy workloads.

  • Easy-to-integrate

Customer’s time is valuable which is why Klazify’s APIs are simple to use and easy to integrate.

  • Dedicated Support Manager

Their Customer Support Team is always there to answer any questions.

  • Simple documentation

Each endpoint is well documented with examples so a customer can quickly get started.

Key Features

Big Data

Using advanced machine learning, Klazify categorize billions of web pages, keeping the categorization database one of the most accurate in the industry.

Wide Range of Applications

Klazify’s domain categorization allows customers to easily provide services such as Internet filtering, subscriber analytics, advertising networks, and fraud prevention.

Data Firehose

Need access to the raw data stream of everything as it’s being categorized? Klazify provides a real-time data firehose via HTTP.

Advanced Algorithms

Klazify’s technology categorizes content found on URLs, as well as entire websites and IP addresses, perfect for security devices that may not have access to the full URL.

Developer-Friendly Responses

Every API response is returned as JSON, which can be easily read and implemented into your product.

Always Up to Date

Klazify’s web crawlers are constantly visiting and classifying new and existing websites, providing real-time results and keeping the database always up to date.

So what’s the difference between the other website categorization API and Klazify?

The difference between all the other tools and Klazify is that the latter is the closest thing to a real human being checking every nook and cranny of the domain you’re interested in. The bonus is, this tool can do this on hundreds of thousands of websites in a single second for less than $790.00/year.

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