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Use This API To Detect Improper Images Properly

It has never been as easy as today to detect inappropriate images because the latest technological advances have brought us this Image Moderation API.

This Image Moderation API allows us to filter and label the content that we choose, that is why it is so useful to have the possibility of using an AI that with the only action of telling it what content to filter, it does it in a matter of seconds.

A few years ago this possibility seemed impossible or at least difficult to imagine but today it is as simple as getting hold of this Image Moderation API

This Image Moderation API analyzes photos and videos to detect the presence of adult content, hate symbols, guns, and offensive words found amongst text within images. You can use this service to automatically moderate user generated content in your web or mobile app community, meet compliance needs for broadcast media, or block users from uploading prohibited content to your website in real-time.

Can I choose what kind of content I can moderate?

Of course you can because this Image Moderation API offers you endless possibilities and combinations to detect inappropriate content. On one page you can simply filter the gore and on another the nudity for example, there are endless possibilities and combinations.

In some applications or photo pages nudity is not allowed, or it is but quite restricted. This Image Moderation API allows you to choose what to filter and what not.

How does this Image Moderation API work?

The Image Moderation API can be integrated into a website or an app for image moderation, which means it can be programmed to detect and delete specific content or depictions in the images posted. Because of how quickly it can detect duplicate content, automated photo moderation can be improved instantly and even prevent instances of spamming.

The Image Moderation API software is best suited for reviewing large numbers of image posts and submissions. However, because automated moderation does not include conscious monitoring of images, it may delete or report images that technically do not violate the set guidelines. Rather, it could be displaying themes that are the same as what the Image Moderation API has been programmed to detect.

AI moderation is an excellent method for bulk-moderating visual content posted by community members, site visitors, or social media followers. 

Finally, the efficiency of the staff you hire to do the job will determine the effectiveness of your content reviewing processes for images and other forms of visual content. If finding local candidates for the position proves difficult, you can always seek the assistance of a reputable image moderation company.

I would like to mention that this Image Moderation API offers a considerable variety of plans so that you can adopt the one that best suits your needs including a non-charge plan that you can try and we are confident that you will love it and then you will choose one of the most complete options.

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