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How To Do B2B Customer Profiling Using This API

Do you want to build customer profiling using API? We have the best API for you.

Customer profiling is a method of creating a portrait of your consumers to assist in the design of your service. Customers are divided into groups with comparable aims and traits, and each group is assigned a representative with a photo, name, and description.

Nowadays, one of the most successful strategies in business is to categorize your customer. That’s means collecting data from your customer, specific information such as location, country, continent, code, apps, market categorize, logo, and other things in real-time. This will allow building an appropriate profile about your customer or potential customer, based on their behavior.

Within it, you can develop better strategies with your product or service. Besides, you will be able to personalize your business, personalize your ads campaigns in order to improve your interaction with the customers, the best customer experience. All of these will assist you in staying competitive. because it is difficult to be in the same market when everyone provides the same product, thus you must differentiate yourself in the business.

What is API?

Because an API is a software interface that allows two programs to connect with one another, it is a successful method for categorization. To put it another way, an API is a messenger that sends your request to the provider and then returns the result.

There are a number of APIs available nowadays. However, not all APIs produce the same features because it might be difficult to discover online software in real-time in some circumstances, which is why there is an API that is available online and is simple to use.

Klazify is one of the most effective solutions for obtaining data using API. This software will be classified into various categories in real-time, including location, market category, country, logo, and apps.

Natural Language Processing (NLP) and a Machine Learning Engine are used in this software. It examines webpage text and categorizes it into 385+ probable topic groups using the IAB V2 standard. Our APIs are real-time, so you’ll always have the most up-to-date social network links. The JSON, Python, and PHP Curl formats of the API response make it simple for developers.

How to use it

1-Sign into to obtain the API key.

2- Copy and paste the Google Store URL for the software you want into the box provided, then confirm that you’re not a robot and submit.

3. You’ll then receive the API answer in your preferred programming language. Klazify makes use of JSON, Python, and PHP.

4. Select and save the desired result. After that, you can do whatever you want with it.

This is how the API should look:

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