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How To Elevate SEO With The Performance APIs

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing, mastering search engine optimization (SEO) is essential for online success. Thankfully, the solution to enhancing your website’s performance and rankings lies within the powerful capabilities of SEO Performance API. Discover how this cutting-edge tool can elevate your SEO strategy and drive your website to new heights.

Potential Of SEO Performance API

Are you tired of sifting through endless data to gauge your website’s SEO effectiveness? The SEO Performance API is your key to unlocking valuable insights and supercharging your SEO efforts. This groundbreaking WebPage SEO Reporting API generates comprehensive reports based on your website’s URL, providing you with a roadmap for optimization. You can access the API at Zyla API Hub.

How To Elevate SEO With The Performance APIs

Key Attributes

  1. HTTP Status: Know if your website is up and running or facing downtime.
  2. Content Size: Understand the weight of your page in kilobytes.
  3. Headers: Get insights into the content type and server information.
  4. Response Time: Discover how quickly your page responds to requests.
  5. Metadata: Extract essential elements like titles, descriptions, favicons, and viewport settings.
  6. Links Summary: Evaluate link quality, both internal and external, do-follow and no-follow.
  7. Images Summary: Gain visibility into image usage and ALT attributes.
  8. Content Summary: Dive into header hierarchy (h1, h2, h3) and extract text content.

Elevate Your Strategy

This SEO Report API is a game-changer for marketers and website owners. Imagine offering data-driven optimization services or emulating the best practices of top-ranking pages. It’s your secret weapon for staying ahead in a competitive digital landscape.

Real-Time Insights for Success

Gone are the days of guesswork. With the WebPage SEO Reporting API, real-time data empowers you to make informed decisions. Identify bottlenecks, monitor HTTP status, and fine-tune your website for optimal performance.

Seamless API Access

Getting started is effortless. Sign up and receive a personal API access key, granting you access to a world of SEO insights. Authentication is a breeze – use your bearer token in the Authorization header.

Customized Pricing for You

The WebPage SEO Reporting API offers flexible pricing plans, ensuring top-tier SEO insights are accessible to businesses of all sizes. Freemium options are also available.

SEO Performance API: SEO Excellence Starts Now

This WebPage SEO Reporting API isn’t just a tool – it’s a gateway to SEO excellence. Take the first step towards optimizing your website’s performance, enhancing rankings, and outshining your competition. Embrace the Power of the WebPage SEO Reporting API by following these steps:

  1. Sign Up: Get your personal API access key and unlock a world of SEO insights.
  2. Analyze: Dive into comprehensive reports and extract valuable data for optimization.
  3. Optimize: Fine-tune your website based on real-time insights and best practices.
  4. Elevate: Watch your rankings soar as you implement data-driven improvements.
How To Elevate SEO With The Performance APIs
SEO API Code Snippets Formats



GENERATE REPORT – Examines a webpage and creates an in-depth SEO report


Request Body

    "url": "",
    "results": [

OUTPUT (API Response) – A portion of the response is shown due to space concerns.

  "http": {
    "status": 200,
    "contentSize": {
      "bytes": 43329,
      "kb": 42
    "headers": {
      "content-type": "text/html; charset=UTF-8",
      "server": "cloudflare"
    "redirections": false,
    "responseTime": "0.09 seconds"
  "metadata": {
    "title": {
      "data": "Home - Real-Time Flight Tracker & Status API. Live data for flights, airports, schedules, timetables, IATA codes, and more.",
      "characters": 123,
      "words": 19,
      "charPerWord": 6.47
    "description": {
      "data": "Free, powerful REST API for real-time flight status and tracking information. Live data for flights, airports, schedules, timetables, IATA codes, and more.",
      "characters": 155,
      "words": 22,
      "charPerWord": 7.05
    "charset": "utf-8",
    "canonical": false,
    "favicon": "",
    "viewport": "width=device-width, initial-scale=1, shrink-to-fit=no",
    "keywords": " Get Website Logos api,Brand Imagery api,  We Categorize the Web, api for website, api from website, api key for website, logo api, banking logo api, company logo api,  api key website, api of a website, api of website,  best api for website , create an api for a website,  create an api for your website, Website Category API , Website Logo API , logo api, URL logo api, Webshrinker,  classifies a site into a category, brandfetch, url categorization, url category check api,  website category lookup, web categories, url classification dataset, zvelo",
    "locale": false,
    "contentType": "website",
    "site_name": false,
    "site_image": "",
    "robots": false
  "links": {
    "summary": {
      "totalLinks": 27,
      "internals": 13,
      "externals": 2,
      "jumpLinks": 12,
      "seoFriendly": 27,
      "nonSeoFriendly": 0,
      "linksWithoutText": 1,
      "nofollow": 0,
      "dofollow": 27,
      "withoutHrefs": 0,
      "nofollowLinks": []
 ..... Response continue 



curl --location --request POST '' --header 'Authorization: Bearer 13|ybFOyACPCXBLJhF9Oq4XH4KeOMNxc1ezxDhNM7iL' 
--data-raw '{
    "url": "",
    "results": [

Ready To Transform Your SEO Strategy?

Seize this opportunity to reshape your digital presence. The WebPage SEO Reporting API is your companion on the journey to SEO excellence. Elevate your strategy, outperform your rivals, and achieve the rankings you deserve.

Don’t let your website fade into the background – empower it with the SEO Performance API today.

SEO Performance API: Take Action Today

Ready to embrace the future of SEO? Incorporate the WebPage SEO Reporting API into your strategy and witness the transformation in your website’s performance. Don’t settle for average when excellence is within reach.

Join the ranks of SEO champions who understand that success is driven by data, strategy, and innovation. Explore the WebPage SEO Reporting API today and embark on your journey to SEO excellence!

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