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How To Get A Website Logo In Real-Time Using An API

Are you searching for a website logo in real-time? Use API, the best tool to get logos in real-time.

Currently, logos are one of the most important things of the company because a logo will allow being recognized by the users and also to be competitive in the industry. With the logo, it allows for personalizing your product (website, templates, dashboard, etc.), and enriching profiles, you can save your onboarding time.

How To Get A Website Logo In Real-Time Using An API

The benefits of using a logo with an API are available online and you will be able to access the information in real-time. Besides, this logo can be used on websites and apps. Since obtaining this type of information takes a long time, the cost is higher, or the logo is only available in low-quality.

What is API?

An API is an effective classification approach because it is a software interface that allows two programs to communicate with one another. In other words, an API is a messenger that sends your request to the provider and then returns the response.

In today’s world, there are a plethora of APIs to choose from. However, not all APIs produce the same features because it might be tough to find online software in real-time in some cases, which is why there is an API that is available online and easy to use.

The most accurate API is Klazify which collects information through URL or domain. This website will be categorized in real-time into many categories, such as location, market category, country, logo, and apps.

How To Get A Website Logo In Real-Time Using An API

This software employs Natural Language Processing (NLP) and a Machine Learning Engine. Using the IAB V2 standard, it analyzes webpage text and divides it into 385+ possible topic categories. Because our APIs are real-time, you’ll always have access to the most recent social network linkages. The API response formats of JSON, Python, and PHP Curl make it straightforward for developers.

How to use it

1-To get the API key, go to

2- In the box provided, copy and paste the URL , then confirm that you’re not a robot and submit.

3. After that, you’ll get the API response in your choice programming language. JSON, Python, and PHP are all used by Klazify.

4. Choose and save the desired outcome. Then you’re free to do whatever you want with it.

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