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How To Get Cobalt Prices In Canadian Dollars?

Do you have any industry that needs cobalt? Fortunately for you, we have to offer you a tool to see the prices of this metal.

Cobalt is a chemical element that is classified as a transition metal and is characterized by being silver-gray in color, being hard and brittle (brittle), in addition, it has magnetic properties similar to iron, that is, it is a ferromagnetic element. Furthermore, it is quite a rare element in nature due to the fact that it only appears in an abundance of 0.001% in the crust. And it does not appear in its pure form, rather it always occurs combined with other chemical elements forming minerals.

Forming super alloys is one of the most important applications of this element. These consist of forming parts that are highly resistant to exposure to high temperatures that are applied in car and aircraft engines, gas turbines, in space vehicles, in rocket engines and other industrial and aerospace applications. On the other hand, cobalt has the ability to be magnetized and can therefore be used to create permanent magnets.

Currently, a ton of Cobalt costs more than 100,000 Canadian dollars, 57% more compared to April 2021. These significant increases must be prevented by Canadian businessmen and for that they need to have an alarm, which warns them of possible changes in cobalt tariffs. Fortunately, Metals-API is the ideal tool for such situations.

How To Get Cobalt Prices In Canadian Dollars?

Why Metals-API?

Thousands of developers, small and large companies use Metals-API, to quickly and easily obtain current world market values ​​for any metal (including cobalt of course). This system is currently the main source of real-time precious metals quotes due to its reliable data sources, as this program collects data from around 16 sources. This information is 100% true because it comes from banks and financial organizations such as the famous LME (very famous in its field).

On the other hand, it also offers you the possibility to see the prices in more than 170 currencies from all over the world. In this way, Canadians will no longer have to worry about converting between US dollars and Canadian dollars, the same API will do it for them.

If your goal is to use this service, you will first need to choose one of the 7 available plans, one free and the other 6 paid. Each one has its pros and cons. For example, the free plan offers price updates 1 time per hour and 50 API calls per month, while the basic plan offers price updates 1 time per minute and 5000 API calls per month. Choose carefully.

How To Get Cobalt Prices In Canadian Dollars?

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