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How to get information from websites using a web scraping tool

What is web scraping? 

The procedure of web scraping consists of extracting data from a website. In order to do that, a web scraping tool is used. A scraping tool is a type of API (An application programming interface).These kinds of APIs are used to decode the information (usually in HTML language) so it becomes accessible not only to be exported as a file but also to be transferred into other programmes.

What’s more, these APIs go from getting content analyzed for strategic marketing purposes to comparing fees & prices. 

In the past, this process had to be done manually, which can be extremely time-consuming. For that reason, the appearance of Web scraping tools has solved time-sensitive issues and has helped save an enormous amount of time. What’s more, these tools can be used by non-tech professionals like researchers, marketers, financial consultants, investors, as well as programmers, developers and engineers.

Why are these tools important?

As previously mentioned, web scraping tools are remarkably helpful nowadays and can be used to extract essential information such as: contacts, prices, customer’s behavior on the web and much more. For that reason, these types of tools are widely used in companies and businesses and are becoming more and more popular on a daily basis.

Nowadays, there are several options available in the market but below you will find the best web scraping tool in 2022:

Why choose Codery?

Codery is an API that can crawl through a website and extract data without bans or restrictions in a matter of seconds. This API works by just providing an URL link and gathering the information. It can easily extract data in different ways from any website and it can be exported into a spreadsheet or database, making it practical and effective for its users. Besides, it is the quickest method for web crawling available on the market.

Codery offers different pricing plans and even a demo-free version that even includes 100 API calls a month, geotargeting and JavaScript. Additionally, Freelancer and Startup plans feature different characteristics. If you require more than 2,500,000 API requests a month, customized plans are also available for an affordable price. There are convenient options for every need. Only completed requests get charged, so you will only pay when you actually complete a request. Last but not least, this API uses reliable proxies so you do not need to worry about safety.

How does it work? 

It is very easy! Just follow these simple steps to start using it: 

  • First, sign up for a free account at and obtain an API key (An API key is an application programming interface identifier, used to authenticate a user. It is basically  a unique code combination of numbers and letters).
  • After that, paste the URL you want to extract data from on the dashboard. 
  • Then, click “run” to obtain the results. It is the most flexible API. Don’t forget you can save this information for later.

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