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How To Get The Duration Of A Media File With This API

Is obtaining details from media files, like duration, a hassle for you? Then read this article to find out how an API can fix that inconvenience.

If you manage a lot of media files on a daily basis, you may be starting to get tired of always inspecting them manually and tipying all the details. It can be stressful if you’re managing various types of files with diferent purposes.

Information and media data is valuable for many reasons and; if you face the problem of tiring file inspection, you may want to incorporate a shortcut to it. You can start using a media detection and file details API to help you get that valuable data in no time.

While you may be unfamiliar with the,. APIs are helpful aids that can work wonders for many purposes. They are basically channels of communication made between 2 operating systems. They work on a input to endpoint basis and help shorten tedious task.

Which API Can I Use?

Since there are many out there, my main recommendation for you is Get Details from Media File API. This site will help you get the details necessary on media files you have. You can insert a URL of the media file that can be from MP4s or MOVs and all the way to JPEGs or PNGs, even WebPs.

It’s a user-friendly API that can get you media details and relevant info about them in no time. The site accepts 1 request of media file per second, however it counts with packacges tu upgrade, but more of that in a bit.

You can use this media information API for identifying media files; which in turn can help for various purposes like making better encoding desicions, having minimum bitrate or resolution requirement; and other various ends.

How Do I Use This Media Files API To Get Details Like Duration?

Easily enough, you firstly need to create an account. It takes less than a few minutes and then you are ready to go. Just use the main box to provide the URL of the media file and in a matter of seconds you’ll get the information organized in a clear way.

As mentioned previously, the site can detect and accepts many types of media: VP8/VP9, AV1 and AVI are other types of media files it supports and there are a few more, you can check them all out on the main page of Get Details from Media File API.

Other important information that the sites offers apart from duration of the media file is: Type of media; bitrate; framerate; width and height; index; codec; aspect ratio; and a few others.

Finally, what’s important to note is that this media information API starts you with 100 request to use per month and bein able to sent 1 request per second. While that may be plenty to some, if you need more you’re in luck. Get Details from Media File API offers many packages that increase both the request available and the number of request you can send per second. Check them out on the pricing section for more.

So go on now and use Get Details from Media File API to have any information you want from your media files!

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