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How To Integrate An URL To PDF API With Ruby

It is really easy to convert website URLs to PDFs. All you must do is follow some simple steps and use this API with Ruby.

Let’s Talk About Websites & Their URL

A website is a collection of HTML pages connected by hyperlinks and managed by a single entity or individual. It is reachable on the Internet by using the URL of its index page and featuring a cohesive body of written or visual content. A website includes links to other sites as well as text, images, audio, and video files. The majority of the time, a whole website is designed instead of a single isolated web page, where the remaining pages are linked to from the main page or index page.

Websites are essential for companies due to a number of reasons. Thanks to them, companies may gain a presence on the internet which will help them stand out from the competition and enhance their image. Also, it is key to presenting the company’s offers and promotions while continuously updating the information relevant to the user will help to achieve both online and offline sales of goods and services.

Furthermore, with a website companies may create new contacts, gain new customers, and keep the ones they already have happy. Plus, it facilitates business-to-user communications, management, and gaining entry to new markets. Evidently, websites bring a great number of positive things and aspects for companies. Hence, they put effort into the construction of websites plus the analyses of external websites. For example, from popular and good positioned websites or rivals.  As a consequence, being able to get information and great analyses to them by just their URL is amazing.


Consequently, great practice for such analyses and investigations; wheater internal (from a company’s own website) or external (not websites of their own) is converting them into PDF. For such action to happen in the most reliable and precise manner, an API must be involved. 

Convert URLs To PDFs

Application programming interfaces are the go-to tool to extract data from programs and sources. Actually, their job consists of withdrawing data in order to provide them to Sofware that needs it. As a result, the one is able to carry out its processes without problems and successfully. 

Therefore, if a business wants to convert website URLs into PDFs, there is no better way than an API. Since these can extract data, they will execute such conversion with ease and precision. The is an API that works with Ruby, that will do just that. In case you didn’t know, Ruby is a dynamic programming language with open source code.


The HTML and URL to PDF API is a Ruby tool that works in order to convert into PDF the content gathered in websites. Thanks to the API, organizations will gain a weapon that allows them to examine websites and webpages just by taking the URL. As a consequence, SEO, content, images researches, and more will be quickly done!

How To Convert The URL To PDF With The API: 

  1. The first step to take is the most simple one, just click here and visit the API.
  2. Follow to sign up 
  3. Look for the URL of the website you want to convert and paste it. 
  4. And you are ready to receive all the details embodied in the website in PDF. 

To keep reading about converting websites into PDFs, you have to read another article. I facilitate the link here:

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